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Sometimes I feel like my kids toys multiply while we sleep! (Especially those stuffed animals) Other than sleeping with a few of their favorites, the other 20 get played with maybe a handful of times!

Every client I work with agrees that toys are one of the most difficult things to keep organized.

My children tend to play with the same items over and over again so I can usually get a good feel for what items can go to a new home without being missed. We do a playroom “clean-out” every 6 months. I always involve the kids and we talk about how toys that they don’t play with will be going to a new home so they can be played with by other girls and boys (we throw out anything that is really beat up, broken, or missing pieces, such as a puzzle). My experience with donating to charities has been that they usually will only accept “gently used” toys, clothes, etc.

Places that accept toy donations around Saratoga NY

  • Franklin Community Center, 10 Franklin Street, Saratoga Springs, NY
    Accepts small, lightly used toys in good condition on Tuesday from 9am-1pm
  • Ballston Area Community Center, 20 Malta Ave, Ballston Spa, NY, 12020
    Sometimes accepts toy donations.  Call before you go to find out what they need.
  • Noah’s Attic at Christ Episcopal Church, 15 West High Street, Ballston Spa, NY 12020
  • Schenectady City Mission, 425 Hamilton St., Schenectady NY

Being an organizer I never had that trait to want to hang onto items that aren’t being used.  It makes me feel so much better donating and knowing that someone else will get joy from the item that I no longer have use for.

Playroom Organization Tips:

  • Invest in quality storage organizers/binsand decide what system works best for your home and family. Tip: you can always paint over a pink or blue piece of storage furniture as your child outgrows those colors and becomes more sophisticated in his/her tastes. You will most likely always need storage organizers so purchase quality now and you will have it for years!
    • Built in wall cabinets or shelving
    • Wooden toy boxes or trunks
    • Armoire
    • Industrial metal shelving – can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot in Saratoga NY
    • Cubbies with fabric bins
    • Plastic bins with or without lids
    • Open baskets or bins
    • Buckets
  • Contain all toys to one room or one corner of the house then clear some floor space in that room for the child to play.
  • Store small items in small bins. They will get lost and never be played with if they are stored in large bins with other items.
  • Buy a portable bin or basket with handles that can be brought out to a different room that they may not play in everyday. This makes bringing those toys back to the designated toy area a breeze!
  • Straighten up with the kids every-day to create a habit.
  • Hold an annual or bi-annual toy clean out. Make it a big event for the kids and involve them every step of the way. Teach them the importance of recycling their toys to other boys and girls through donation.  FYI: Ballston Spa NY has a village wide garage sale usually the second weekend in June.  Check your town or neighborhood resources to find garage sale dates!
  • If it is broken or missing pieces throw it out!
  • If it hasn’t been played with in the last year donate it! If your child makes a stink about letting go of unused toys try the “one in one out rule” every time a new toy is purchased before he/she can play with it they must pick one toy to donate. See list above for toy donation locations around Saratoga NY
  • Set a good example and find a balance. If you want your kids to live a clutter free life and pick up after themselves you must show them how it is done! At the same time do not set unrealistic standards…the older they get the more they can help you.

Here are some ideas of systems for organizing kids toys! Get inspired by these and create a system that works for you and your kids!

Toy Storage | Organization | Miss Organized | NY

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  3. P’kolino Cube Storage $110.50
Toy Storage | Organization | Miss Organized | NY
  1. Via Toy Boxes $349.00 – $409.00
  2. Way Basics $89
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