Re-USE-ing Plastic Bottle Caps: Frugal Children’s Learning Activity


Re-USE-ing plastic bottle caps

I have been collecting bottle caps for months with this idea in mind. My kids love games that involve counting. One of their favorite games to play involves buying and selling their toys from each other. However, in our case it is more like bartering  I will trade you that plastic zucchini for your hero action figurine.

My kids end up with huge piles of plastic food, dolls, puzzle pieces and random toys on the floor.  Heck!! You name it, we have probably bartered for it. I bet you could say, we are a lot more messy than the New York Stock Exchange (so to speak).

So, why have I been collecting bottles caps? I thought it would be a great addition to our Printable Paper Moneybuying/selling game.  This time with play money. Plastic bottle caps have now been turned into coins. I even found this GREAT website for printing paper money (Prints in increments of $1, $5 & $10). I really like the idea of using different colors for different increments of money.

Bottle Cap Coins and printable money!I marked the “coins” with corresponding  monetary amounts. Teaching your kiddos about money can be FUN!! Even though my children are 5 & almost 4 years old, you can never teach them too early. They already understand the concept of money. They need it in order to purchase the items they want. My husband has even taught them that, “he goes to work to make the money for the bacon”.  Yes, we have HUGE bacon fans in our house.

Another idea is to mark the bottle caps one through ten and allow your kids to put thecounting caps in order. You can increase the number length according to your child’s learning pace. You can even use the alphabet to help with letter recognition. The ideas are endless.


 ~Jen, Inspiring

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