Get Up & Dance! The Flurry Festival livens Saratoga Springs this weekend!


Due to the snow emergency in Saratoga Springs, festival organizers are asking that people driving in for the festival please carpool as much as possible and pay attention to Saratoga Springs snow removal notices when parking your cars.
Shuttles will be running from many local hotels, and a shuttle schedule can be found here:

Flurry FestWhat is the Flurry Festival?

The Flurry Festival is this weekend in Saratoga Springs and once again, this year’s lineup is jam-packed with fun.  Combining traditional social dance and live music, The Flurry is a feel-good festival that livens up the Saratoga Hilton and the Saratoga City Center and other venues in Saratoga Springs for three days; February 14th-16th 2013.

We’ve attended the Flurry Festival the past several years and it’s something we all look forward to!  The kids really enjoy singing, dancing, hearing a storyteller, playing and learning.  We attended several fun events last year like an African drumming workshop, kids concerts, family dances, and a couple storytellers.

Festival goers of all ages will enjoy a major lineup of international music and dance experiences, featuring events like an African Jive Dancapalooza, Cajun dance parties, Regional Greek Folk dances, Irish singing, Yodeling, Yiddish square dancing, Scandinavian Dance party, as well as many more international dance, music, and singing sessions.

The Flurry Festival livens Saratoga Springs this weekend!

More About the Flurry Festival

Festival headquarters are found filling the Saratoga Springs City Center and Saratoga Hilton Hotel, with more performances and workshops scheduled at Saratoga Music Hall, Café Lena, and The Parting Glass Pub.  The Flurry is well known as the best winter weekend ever for Dancers and Music Lovers of all ages, featuring more than 400 performers, five venues, and over 250 events.

Young children will be busy with easy family dances, traditional square dancing, international family dancing, a kids jug band jam, community barn dances, improvisational modern dance, funny songs and sing-alongs, story telling and much more.

Flurry Festival in Saratoga

The Flurry features 400 Performers, 250 Events, in 5 Locations throughout Saratoga Springs:

  • Saratoga City Center
  • Saratoga Hilton
  • Parting Glass Pub
  • Saratoga Music Hall
  • Caffe Lena

Pre-planning is key to really enjoying the Flurry Festival.  You’ll want to look at the schedule in advance and plan your must-see activities.  The organizers work very hard to keep kids activities back to back and often in the same room.

Food is available for purchase, but pack a bag and bring snacks, drinks, and dress in layers!

Flurry Festival Ticket Info

Full festival tickets, including Friday-Sunday are $95 for adults, teen tickets are $65, kids 5 and under are free, 5-13 and up are just $3 for the weekend or $1 a day.  Additional ticket information can be found on The Flurry Festival website.

FEBRUARY 14 – 16, 2014
Headquarters: Saratoga City Center & Hilton Hotel
522-534 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY


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