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Recently, there has been a huge buzz about probiotics in the media. From yogurt commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis supporting the Activia Challenge to grocery stores stocking their shelves with probiotic supplements, we are witnessing a trend. Why? My background in nutrition provides some insight on this popular topic.

Often, we try to rid ourselves of bacteria, however, some bacterium are needed to help us maintain optimum health and they can be found all over our bodies. From our eyelids to  between our toes, we need good bacteria to aid our immune system and ward off bad bacteria.

When there isn’t a proper balance of microorganisms, it is called dysbiosis.

Nationwide we are seeing a rise in many digestive conditions, such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating, celiac disease, leaky gut and more.

A common underlying finding among many patients is dybiosis of the intestinal tract or “gut”. Some experts link the food industry as a majority of the problem stripping food of it’s natural flora and nutrients. Others weigh in on dietary choices causing the issue. Either way, we are seeing a problem with a possible solution.

Many articles will suggest we need 25-50 billion bacteria in our guts to digest food properly and promote balance.

Some of us have tried restoring levels by eating yogurt, and while it’s a step in the right direction, most of them only have a CFU (colony forming unit) of 1 billion. Plus, yogurts are typically packed with sugars, artificial flavors and other preservatives which have been related to more health concerns.

So how do we win an uphill battle?

The use of probiotic supplements have been on the rise. This may be as a result of more than 200 studies finding over 170 diseases being helped or treated with probiotics. Not only intestinally related problems, but allergic rhinits, atopic dermatitis and even colds have shown to find relief with probiotic use.

Dr. Mercola, a well-known holistic osteopath with a vast knowledge of nutrition and wellness has outlined the following criteria for probiotics:

  • the bacteria must be able to survive in your stomach so they can reach your intestines
  • bacteria strains must have health-promoting features
  • probiotic activity must be guaranteed throughout the production process, storage time and shelf life.

Mercola mentions Lactobacillus sporogenes has been the one to respond more favorably than any other probiotic. If you are in the market, most health food stores such as Four Seasons in Saratoga and the Green Grocer in Clifton Park have a great selection.

For questions regarding probiotic use, please contact your trusted healthcare professional.  You can also email me: if you have additional questions or concerns.

If you have had any success with probiotic use, please share your story here!

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  1. My son was on many rounds of antibiotcs when he was a toddler for his ear infections and he would always get sick. ALL the TIME! …..after we saw Dr. beth he hastn been sick in a long time! thanks for recommended probiotics and other nuritional stuff

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