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Sure, soda may be tasty to some, but next time you open a bottle, you might want to reconsider your choice. Despite the multiple studies which have correlated soft drink consumption with major health concerns, the average daily intake of soda has increased dramatically over the years.  In 1942 it was estimated people drank 90 eight-ounce servings per year.  However, in 2000 it was recorded that number rose to 600 eight-ounce servings!

Soda | Saratoga Health | Dr. Beth Health TipsWhy do we consume a beverage that is so bad for us?  How can something so detrimental to our health, be sold as ‘“food”?  In part, we may want to point some fingers at the food industry. A report done by Yale researchers revealed studies done by the food industry were MUCH less likely to show detrimental effects from soft drinks compared to those with no industry funding.  This blog post is intended to educate you on some of the research worth considering.

Soda: is it worth the risk?

Diet Soda | Saratoga Health | Dr. Beth Health Tips

Many might be aware that soda is associated with increased body weight and increased risk of Type II Diabetes, but did you know it also decreases calcium and other nutrients in the body?  The phosphorus found in soda depletes the calcium in bones making them brittle and more prone to fractures and arthritis. Even diet soda has phosphoric acid so it’s no better.

Diet soda is also jam-packed with other additives such as artificial sweeteners.  Those artificial sweeteners and their negative impact on health could be a completely separate blog post, which I’ll save for another time!

Another recent study in 2010 also had an alarming statistic. A journal found in the American Association for Cancer and Research reported a study out of Georgetown University.  It revealed people who consumed JUST two or more soft drinks a week had a 87% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Yikes!

Soda | Saratoga Health | Dr. Beth Health Tips

One final thought about soft drinks is the acidity of the beverage. The body likes to remain relatively neutral to slightly alkaline with the fluid ph between 7.1-7.5.  Over 100 diseases are linked to acidic body states including: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and kidney stones, just to name a few. Almost all sodas have a pH lower than 3.0 and diet sodas are even worse!

With that being said, soda consumption is really taking a toll on our bodies when we alter the environment our cells grow in! Even the healthy new cells don’t have a fighting chance if they are surrounded by acid.

In 2010, New York State was one of fifteen states contemplating a ‘soda tax’.  Momentum on that tax has fizzled out but do you think Saratoga County could benefit from a soda tax?  

Skip the Soda!

If giving up soft drinks or cola is something in your near future, don’t dump it all down the drain. The rest can always be used to polish dirty pennies or clean the rust off metal!

Do you know of any schools in Saratoga County that still have soda in vending machines?    


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  1. I gave up soda completely last April! I finally decided it was an unhealthy battle I didn’t want in my life anymore. I find for me it is easier to stay away from it completely than to try to have it in moderation.

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