Natural Remedies for Winter Colds with Dr. Beth Favro


It’s that time of year!  Spring is right around the corner and we are starting to see the last round of winter colds hit the area.  Most of us know the first indications of a cold, such as: post-nasal drip, fatigue, headaches, cough and sore throat among many others.  Before you reach for the medicine cabinet, here are some natural remedies which have shown to help relieve symptoms and increase healing time.

  1. Avoid certain foods, but add others!  Dairy, chocolate and processed foods are all mucus forming foods which can make symptoms worse.  However, fresh garlic and onion contain natural antibacterials and antivirals to help you ward off infection.  The aromas will also aid in opening the sinuses allowing you to breathe better!
  2. Consider using a neti-pot. Available at most pharmacies (like CVS in Saratoga Springs), the neti-pot is a nifty little device which uses a saline solution to help drain your nasal passage and reduce sinus pressure/stuffiness. Don’t worry if you have never used one, each kit comes with thorough instructions!
  3. Stay hydrated! Increase your water consumption. This does not include coffee, soda or juice which will dehydrate you more! Water will help thin the mucus and allow easier drainage. If you divide your body weight by 2 then put that number in ounces, that is how much water you should be consuming each day.  (Example: A 140 lb female should consume 70 oz of water)
  4. Lymphatic drainage technique (See Video!). A fancy term for stimulating the lymph nodes in order to get rid of the junk!  In the video below, I show an quick way to help reduce the amount of lymphatic fluid or “swelling” found in our lymph nodes.  Lymph nodes are an important part of the immune system and help produce white blood cells to destroy bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders. By stimulating them to drain, you are decreasing the amount of ‘junk’ or substances that linger around and keep us sick! If you want a professional to perform lymphatic drainage, there are some licensed massage therapists who specialize in this area.
  5. Essential Oils. Many essential oils have quite the success rate with sinus problems.  Eucalyptus oil has great results with opening the airways. One of the best ways to use this oil is diffuse it into your bedroom (especially before sleep) or put a few drops in your shower and take several deep breaths.  Lavender is another good oil because it has shown to help relieve sinus headaches and possesses antiviral/antibacterial properties to fight off those little buggers!  These oils can be found at local Saratoga health food stores such as Four Seasons on Phila St. in Saratoga Springs (clinical note: Minor allergic reactions can arise with using essential oils.  If you are concerned about a reaction consult your doctor)

There are other alternative healing methods to help ward of colds and flus.  Chiropractic, acupuncture and proper nutrition among many others are useful modalities which enhance our body’s natural ability to be great!  Don’t settle for less!  Feel better TODAY!

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Dr. Beth Favro along with her husband Dr. Adam are a husband and wife Chiropractic team and own Turning Point Chiropractic  located in Saratoga Springs.  Dr. Beth specializes in pediatric and pre/post-natal care.  Dr. Beth and Dr. Adam are able to provide residents and guests of Saratoga NY the most comprehensive and up to date health care.


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  1. First, I have to say I love your blog.
    Second, I have to say I just can’t make myself use a neti-pot. I’m always afraid it will feel like when swimming as a child and getting water up my nose.
    Third, your other suggestions are great and I plan to try them. (I’ll try “almost” anything to help with my allergies/sinus headaches.)

  2. Dr. Beth,

    I am so glad you have a blog. This specific one is great.I tried using the eucalyptus on my son and it help him breathe at night thus sleep better- and it allowed me to sleep as well! I love how you give local resources to help find things. Keep articles like this coming!

    Thanks Dr. Beth

    • Hi Annette, this is Colleen. Thanks for your comment! I’ll make sure Dr. Beth sees it. She’ll definitely be blogging more on here and I am so grateful to have her!

  3. So great to see natural ways to deal with cold and allergies. As a grandmother I remember using these ways to help before going to the meds that are over used today. Keep the info coming.

    • Jane, Thanks for the reply! I will up with the info 🙂 If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to consider please feel free to post some.