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Welcome to my first blog post on SaratogaMama.com!  My name is Karen Charbonneau of Building Wellness and my goal is to provide families in Saratoga County with healthy lifestyle tips to help accomplish the following: to remove the toxins from your household, to suggest ways to get proper nutrition, proper rest, and ways to remove the “issues in the tissues”.

From my experience, living healthier doesn’t mean you have to make major life modifications or will cost you an “arm and a leg”.  Okay, some modifications can be expensive, however raising a healthy family can be done in many financially affordable ways.  My goal will be to provide you with many options so you can make educated decisions to suit your lifestyle.

School Vacation | Saratoga County

School Vacation week in Saratoga County – Now what!?

Next week is school vacation for most children in the Saratoga area.  Here are some recommendations to help make a healthy and energized week for you and your kids.

  • Create a schedule with enough breaks and “rest” times.  The constant activity is fun but little breaks during the day go a long way.Saratoga Health | Snack Foods on the go
  • When making your grocery list, look to prepare for healthier snacks on the go.  Fruit such as bananas, grapes, and apples are easy to eat on the go and much better for your health than a cookie, chips, or a junk-food choice.
  • Prepare some snacks (with your kids) for the week; it’s a fun activity to do together.  Making cookies from a recipe does take a little longer but it is so worth it.  Have you ever cut back on the sugar in a recipe?  You’d be surprised how satisfying sweet snacks taste with only ½ or ¾ of the sugar from the original recipe.
  • Saratoga Health | Fruit SmoothieHow about fruit smoothies?  Have your kids pick their favorite fruits and blend them with some Greek yogurt (lower in sugar) or simply water and ice.  Do not use yogurt with fruit already mixed in as the sugar content is considerably higher.
  • Stay away from the high sugar drinks such as soda and coolattas.
  • Pre-cut carrots sticks or celery in plastic bags or re-usable containers.  Cut them up yourself, it only takes a couple of minutes and so much more affordable.
  • Looking for activities to fill the days? Check out SaratogaMama’s School Vacation Guide for ideas and events!
  • Need a recipe idea?  Here’s a delicious Kid-Approved Granola Bar recipe here on SaratogaMama!

If you anticipate enjoying more time next week with your children, plan your snacks before you do your shopping.  Eating healthier will help keep you and them out of the doctor’s office.

Be Well!

I am Karen Charbonneau and my business is Building Wellness.  I moved to Saratoga Springs in 2010.  With my first visit to Saratoga Springs, I felt the healing energy and the desire of people to live a healthy life.  My passion is to provide information to help prevent the onset of disease–one of my main reasons for choosing the Saratoga Springs community. My blog posts will address toxins that need to be removed from your life, to allow your body to heal itself, and result in a longer and healthier life.  As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or as individuals, let’s raise the awareness of living a healthier life. 

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