Preventing the Holi-daze with Dr. Beth Favro


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We’ve all done it at some point or another. Walk into a room and forget why you initially went in there! Or misplace our keys only to find them in our pocket. Sometimes these occurrences can happen over the course of days, weeks and even months. This post is intended to help improve memory and mental clarity so this season you’re not caught up in the ‘holi-daze’.

Preventing the Holi-daze with Dr. Beth Favro

One of the best and cheapest ways to improve mental health is exercise. This doesn’t require you to join a gym or pay for a specific class.  A 20-30 minute walk 4 times a week is sufficient to improve blood and oxygen flow to your brain. In fact, The Mayo Clinic recommends healthy adults to perform 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week. If exercise is already a part of your schedule, certain foods and supplements have also been shown to boost brain power.

Some supplements and foods are shown to help our brains. Fish oil is a popular supplement on the market today and while it is a good start, a lot of fish are contaminated with mercury and dangerous PCB’s which could be doing more harm than good. Krill oil is much safer and more pure than the highly marketed fish oil. The reason these oils are great for the brain is they are loaded with DHA, a source needed for our brains which are composed of 60% fat. Some foods can also be beneficial for the brain.

Preventing the Holi-daze with Dr. Beth Favro

Blueberries are great because they are packed with antioxidants. Dr. Mercola reports blueberries have also been shown to reduce signs of aging in the brain. However, eat a only a few at a time. He states consuming large quantities of sugar can throw-off our insulin levels which can contribute to brain fog and fatigue.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the post ‘pasta meal’ sleepiness. Monitoring your sugar intake so meals aren’t a glucose overload can help, however, there are still some areas worth considering.

Stress and monotonous routines can also create fogginess. Keeping the brain stimulated throughout the day can help to activate areas of the brain and form new pathways. Some neurologists would agree the two ways to improve the brain are necessary fuels (nutrition) and stimulation.

Whether it is driving a different way to work once a week, picking up a hands-on hobby (knitting, cooking, etc) or doing the daily crossword on your lunch break, there are many ways we can fit a small amount of stimulation into our daily routines.

Whatever it may be, make sure to find an activity which works for you.

Preventing the Holi-daze with Dr. Beth Favro

I hope this finds you well during the holiday season. If you remember a time when you encountered the ‘holi-daze’ please feel free to share!

Personally, I remember a long time ago my Mom had the worst case of the ‘holi-daze’. She bought me a Mickey Mouse watch for Christmas when I was in 5th grade. Only she couldn’t give it to me because she couldn’t remember where she ‘hid’ it. Well, 9 years later she found it! My Mom remembered why she put the present in this secret place. She had to tuck it away in a cabinet when I quickly came into the room, so I wouldn’t see the gift. An hour or so passed and she forgot about it. Well, I opened the gift 9 years later, but a Mickey watch wasn’t necessarily a popular gift for a college student,. Even so, I still kept it! Maybe one day I’ll give it to my daughter. Hopefully, I’ll remember where it is by preventing the ‘holi-daze’.


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