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I met Sydney Peyser, owner of Clarity Juice over a year ago at the SaratogaMama Women’s Business Expo.  Thankfully our paths have crossed numerous times since then and it’s been fun seeing her business grow!  As a busy mom, I was especially excited at the launch of the Clarity Juice cold-pressed bottled juice.  ‘Convenience’ and ‘health food’ don’t often go hand-in-hand, so I love that I can pick up a juice and fuel myself and my kids with a huge dose of vegetables and fruit that tastes great too!  Syd will share a little more about Clarity Juice and below, you can enter to WIN one of 10 bottles in our #momentofclarity juice giveaway!  

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Clarity Juice – It’s Really Good (& really good for you!)

We love hearing the same four words from new people trying our juice – “It’s actually really good!” It makes everyone here at Clarity Juice smile every time. We realize that a lot of people turn their noses up at the thought of drinking their vegetables even with fruit in it, but they really warm up to it quickly once they try a sample shot and we find that a lot of them become returning customers.

They also love it not only for how good it tastes, but also for the fact that it’s 100% real juice that’s never heated, no water added, no sugars or preservatives – just 100% real, raw, fruit and vegetable juice. In order to preserve the vitamins and nutrients of the juice, and keep harmful bacteria from growing for an extending period of time, we use a FDA approved process called HPP. Also known as High Pressure Processing, the final packaging goes under high cold pressure, that keeps the product nutrient dense and safe to drink.

Hello Health! Benefits of Juicing

They’re also very happy with the numerous health benefits that come along with juicing – increased energy, boost to the immune system, reducing inflammation, benefits to the skin, detoxing, and this is just to name a few! We’ve spent a lot of time picking out the right ingredients that not only taste amazing together but that benefit you in so many different ways.

And living healthy is the biggest goal behind Clarity. We’re hoping that people will integrate our juices into their lives because not everyone is able, in one day, to get all the fruits and veggies they really need to feel healthy and energized. We see a lot of people veering this way and that, having a cheat meal or snack here and there, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really the end of the world. But we also know that the easier it is to find healthy food on the go, the easier it is to stay healthy and active in your everyday life!Clarity Juice

We are also finding that kids are fast becoming fans of our juices and they don’t pay attention to how many veggies they’re getting – they’re loving the fruity flavors that really carry the taste! And what better way for getting kids to eat their vegetables?

Our two bottled flavors that we have started off with are the Saratoga, a green juice with a lot of refreshing cucumber-apple flavor and also contains kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger – and our other is Beetox, a nice, sweet beet and orange flavor with lemon, ginger, and apple.

Where to Buy Clarity Juice

While we may be intent on taking the world by storm with or juice, everybody’s got to start somewhere! And for us, it was right here in Saratoga. At the moment, we are at both the Saratoga and Spa City Farmer’s Markets and the Bolton Landing Farmer’s Market.  You can also pick up Clarity Juice at Putnam Market, Four Seasons, Reform Pilates, the Pilates Institute, and Zest in Ballston Spa.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also offering deliveries to homes and offices on Tuesdays in Saratoga Springs – and have even gotten a good amount of clientele in the New York City area between homes and offices for deliveries on Wednesdays.

To order Clarity Juice call 917-544-0552 or email

Clarity Juice

#momentofclarity Juice Giveaway!

10 people will be selected at random to receive a FREE bottle of Clarity Juice!  All you have to do is pick up your juice from Syd at the Spa City Farmers’ Market on Sunday from 10-3 at the Lincoln Baths and take a picture with your juice and share your #momentofclarity!  My moment was sitting on a lounge chair drinking juice. (and then the kids came and stole the juice!  The moment was fleeting…)  Good luck!

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