The Sizzling Hot Pink Saratoga Hat Luncheon 2014


2014FFD_insideFriday, August 15th may have been one of the coldest, dreariest days of the summer but at the Saratoga Racetrack the sun was replaced by beautiful shades of pink brightening up everything from the horses to the clubhouse, as the New York Racing Association (NYRA) celebrated women and their contributions to Thoroughbred racing during “Fabulous Fillies Day”.

Hat LuncheonAt the center of the day’s celebratory events was The Sizzling Hot Pink Saratoga Hat Luncheon, presented by ESCADA to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through Play for P.I.N.K. (Prevention, Immediate Diagnosis, New Technology, and Knowledge). I had the honor of attending this event and enjoying a delicious lunch, networking with some great new people, and hearing a very informative speech by guest speaker, Larry Norton, MD entitled, “Breast Cancer: How We Are Winning The Race.”

The theme of the luncheon, which honored long time owner, breeder, and philanthropist Stella Thayer, was “ESCADA in Wonderland”. The “At the Rail Pavilion” was transformed into a space where beauty and fashion took center stage among a sea of brilliant hats in all shades of pink.

Black and white décor was accented by vivid hot pink roses and beautiful models adorned in fabulous ESACADA attire, radiated warmth despite the chilly temperatures. photo 2

At the heart of this gorgeous event was the cause; to help raise awareness and funds to support breast cancer research. Unfortunately this is a cause near and dear to me because my mother has breast cancer. Dr. Norton is the Deputy Physician in Chief for Breast Cancer Programs at the Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center and Medical Director of the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center. He has also served as the Scientific Director of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation since its formation in 1993.

photo 4In his speech, Dr. Norton spoke about how the real danger of breast cancer is when cancer cells find refuge within organs other than the breast, which is why immediate diagnosis and having the knowledge of the best treatment for each individual case is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Norton also addressed prevention by discussing the importance of eating a diet with a large foundation of plants. A strong believer of eating real foods to obtain the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep our bodies healthy, Dr. Norton warned of the potential dangers of relying on supplements. Artificial supplements may cause more harm than good for people when it comes to fighting off cancer and other diseases or chronic conditions. He strongly emphasized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and made it clear he feels supplements are not the answer. Although he did give the okay for taking vitamin D, an essential ingredient to keeping our bones healthy and protecting the body from breast 3

ESCADA hosted a wonderfully informative event that raised funds to support a cause that does not discriminate and could affect any person, man or woman. The ESCADA team was especially gracious and kind and I heard everyone from attendees to the wait staff commenting on the kindness of their hosts. I am grateful for the invitation that was extended to me and encourage everyone to look into attending “The Sizzling Hot Pink Saratoga Hat Luncheon” next summer; it is truly an impressive event for a truly worthwhile cause.

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