SM-Giveaway: Custom Portrait from Your Toy Portraits!


anteaterI’ve been a huge fan of Your Toy Portraits for a while now.  Owner, mama, and artist-extraordinaire Jennifer Maher and I had exchanged emails a while back when she introduced me to her awesome website and business.  I passed it on to a friend of mine who later had Jennifer paint her son’s beloved orange anteater.  We were both blown away by how life-like it turned out!

Jennifer is a gifted artist who is able to capture that “most-loved” characteristic of the subjects she paints.  The blankie that goes everywhere, the over-squeezed stuffed animal, the treasured figurine or the antique heirloom, Jennifer paints it all, and does it well.  If you’re looking for a gift idea this holiday season, Your Toy Portrait is an excellent choice.  Gifting a custom portrait like this to a friend, relative or even your own children will be remembered.  Kids pass through stages so quickly, but how wonderful to have a slice of childhood captured in a beautiful work of art.

Your Toy Portraits is now offering affordable reprints too.  The images are professionally printed on either photo-quality matte presentation paper and are a perfect reproduction of an original print.  Your Toy Portrait Print information.

Would you like the chance to win an 8×10 Custom Toy Portrait ($100 value)?

rugratSaratogaMama is pleased to offer this exclusive giveaway courtesy of Your Toy Portraits!
Entering is easy!

1 Entry – Visit the Your Toy Portrait website and leave a comment here with what item you’d have Jennifer paint for you if you won

Additional Entries
1 Entry – ‘Like’ Toy Portraits & SaratogaMama on Facebook and comment here that you do
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Contest ends on Wednesday, November 16th at 10pmEST.  Winner will be selected using and notified by email.

Good luck!


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  1. We’d defnitely need a painting of our favorite black stuffed kitty, Mo. I’m particularly fond of her because she’s one of my own toy designs too – so glad my daughter loves her as much as I did when I created her!

  2. I design toys, and am influenced by my beloved childhood toys, most of which were variations of the Gund bear, snuffles. If possible, if I won, I would pay the extra $20, and get a portrait of my most snuggled snuffles bear next to a favorite of my new work. New and old best friends 🙂

    I have also Liked and Followed both!

  3. If I won I would be ultra happy because I LOVE Jennifer Maher’s work. She painted my son’s orange anteater for his 1st birthday and it’s my favorite piece of art ever. EVER. So if I won, I would probably want to save it for baby #2 (if that’s allowed because I’m not pregnant with baby #2 yet lol).
    I have been following both Toy Portrait and Saratoga Mama both on Twitter and Facebook.

  4. My daughter loves her pink bear, “Pink.” Her new baby sister has an identical bear in white that we are yet to name…I would love to have matching portraits of them! How cute!

  5. The item I’d have painted is my almost 5 yr old’s stuffed tigger that he has had since he was 3 months old, sleeps with him every night 🙂

  6. I have “liked” Saratoga Mama and your Toy Portraits on facebook. Colleen, as always, you are doing a great job with Saratoga Mama

  7. It’s a toss up for me if I’d choose Lovey, a blanket-head, or Doggie, a russ stuffed animal. A toy option might get me thinking too, we have some beloved toys! I love all the ideas on the website.

  8. I have thought about getting a toy portrait for a long time now. I would get one of my kids’ blanket head lovies. That way when they’re older, I can always look at the portrait to remember how cute they were with their lovies!

  9. I ‘Like’ Your Toy Portrait and SaratogaMama!

    Such a unique idea! I would choose to have a portrait of my daughter’s dress-up wardrobe (handmade by her papaw) w/ accessories tumbling out of it. She’s been dressing up since 18 months and continues on at 4 1/2 years!