Snow Day Games and Activities!


We all know a snow day is bound to happen. So what should you do with your children to keep them entertained, indoors and out? We’ve collected some fun and educational ways to keep them busy.

  • NurtureStore has a few different ideas for a snow day. One of the best is a great way to get kids outside for a bit, but then back in to finish a science experiment. Have your child put some snow in bowls, and then leave the bowls at different locations around the house. See how long it takes the snow to melt in all the different places.snow
  • Color the Snow is a great way to get in some hands on learning. Simply take a few extra spray bottles, fill them with water, add some food coloring, and shake. The kids can go outside and ‘paint’ pictures in the snow. You can also teach them about primary colors and how they can be used to make other colors.
  • If you don’t mind braving the cold weather with your child, try a new take on a traditional snowman: an upside down snowman! It’s just as easy to make and kids will love how silly it looks. This cute upside down snowman comes from the blog TheQueenofRe.


  • On days when the weather is too bad, or your child is too sick to go outside, try havpictureing an indoor snowball fight using cotton balls. says you could also have the kids try to throw the ‘snowball’ into a bucket and have them count aloud how many they get in. This is a fun way to get some number practice in.
  • has a fun snowflake project that can be done differently each time.


  • LetKidsCreate has another idea for an indoor activity, treat them to an indoor snowman. All you need are marshmallows and toothpicks. Watch the kids create their own snowman, or whatever other creature they can dream up!


Need some more ideas? Here is a previous post from last winter with some more creative activities!

We hope you get to enjoy some of these activities with your children on their next snow day!

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