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As we all start to spend more time outside, one thing we need to consider is staying safe in the sun. Lisa Zibella, owner of Bella Rouge in Clifton Park, gives us some tips on how to choose the right sunblock.  Also, check out this month’s Bella Rouge Coupon to save 20% on suncare products from Colorescience, Coola or Glominerals!

chairsSummer is just about here….. so, let’s be straight…. there really is no safe way to tan in the sun!   When you are in the sun, ultraviolet light penetrates the skin causing it to react by producing melanin aka your suntan.  So you think a tan gives you that “forever young” glow?  Think again, it truly does just the opposite.   UV rays cause our skin to change texture, wrinkle, discolor and worst of all, may cause the big C (Skin cancer).

By now you may know that there are several UV rays to consider but only two of the main UV rays are of major concern.

UVA  ( or AGING ) rays are the nasty ones that penetrate deep into our skin and can lead to premature aging and even worse, skin cancer.

UVB  ( or BURNING) rays are those nasty rays that can burn and cause pain as well as permanent damage & discoloration.  Intensity can very by season with 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. being the peak hours.

So are you ready and willing to protect your skin?  Did you know there are several types of protection to consider?  What SPF should you look for anyway?  If you relate to any of these questions…. Read on!

Glo Minerals SPF 40What we have to consider are Classic Chemical (which may blend natural/organic ingredients) Sunscreens vs. Mineral Sun blocks.

The difference?  Chemical sunscreens are designed to absorb and dissipate UVA/UVB rays.  Mineral ingredients create a physical block actually deflecting the suns rays.

Many of your better sun protection products on the market produce an effective blend of physical and chemical for optimum protection.

Don’t be fooled by a high SPF!  This often creates a false sense of security.

SPF stands for “Sun protection factor”.  Sunscreens are classified by an SPF number which refers to their ability to deflect UVB rays.  The SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to burn sunscreen-protected vs. unprotected skin.

For example:  a person who might typically burn after 10 minutes in the sun puts an:

  • poolSPF 2 on, they have double that time before a sunburn = 20 minutes
  • SPF 15 protection would take 15 times longer = 150 minutes to burn

Now consider this….. the increase from level 20 to level 45 SPF protection provides ONLY 2.8% more UV protection.

Moral of the story……

It is always best to reapply several times throughout the day especially after an outdoor workout or swimming at the pool or beach!

Have a Safe and Wonderful Summer Season!


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