Summer Safety Tips with Dr. Beth Favro


Summer Safety Tips with Dr. Beth Favro

With summer right around the corner, many of us are gearing up for fun in the sun. Picnics, camping, cookouts and vacationsBrother and Sister Running
may all be on our agendas, but one thing is for sure, no one plans to be injured.

Keeping your family safe throughout the summertime is important and this article is aimed to provide some ways to keep them injury free.

For starters, when the weather warms up, we shed clothing. One of the first things to go are shoes and sneakers, which are easily replaced with sandals and flip flops. Less material can keep our feet at a cooler temperature and as an added bonus, be   fun. However, we must be aware of choosing the right footwear for the right occasion or sport. A flip flop during a frisbee match may cause a rolled ankle, so opt for barefoot or something with a little more support. If you are barefoot, just be careful of insects and uneven surfaces on the ground.

shoesCertain footwear may also be different for various age groups. In toddlers and young children, proper foot development is important for gait, biomechanics, muscle balance and coordination. Children’s feet are widest across their toes and certain footwear can constrict their toe space. We all know toddlers and young children have squishy, cartilaginous bones and when their foot is repeatedly put in a tight, confined area, the stressed bones will start to take on that shape.

There is slight controversy in this area as some health care providers want toddlers in tight sneakers and for the right activity, this may be the case, but keep in mind wearing a snug shoe all the time may be grounds for bunions and other foot problems later in life. A flexible shoe with support is the best recommendation for young ones. For softer shoes check out Soft Sole Baby Shoes at the Bundle Store in Ballston Spa. As always there are some exceptions, so ask your trusted healthcare professional when choosing appropriate footwear.

Another important way to keep our families safe throughout summer is by avoiding the bugs! Mosquitos, ticks and bees can all cause changes in health when one is bitten. We don’t necessarily have to keep everybody inside to prevent a sting or bite from occurring.

Some who use essential oils may already be aware of the scents known to help with insects, for those who are new to their use here is some helpful information: peppermint and thyme essential oils are useful against mosquitos, rose geranium is mostly found to repel ticks and almond oil for bees because almond oil has benzaldehyde a chemical known to drive bees away from honey. For more information or purchase of essential oils check out Four Seasons Market and Cafe in downtown Saratoga Springs or the new Healthy Living Market and Cafe located in Wilton.

Here are some additional resources with summer safety tips:

 ~ Dr. Beth Farvo

Dr. Beth Favro | Turning Point ChiropracticTurning Point Chiropractic | Saratoga NYDr. Beth Favro along with her husband Dr. Adam are a husband and wife Chiropractic team and own Turning Point Chiropractic located in Saratoga Springs.  Dr. Beth specializes in pediatric and pre/post-natal care.  Dr. Beth and Dr. Adam are able to provide residents and guests of Saratoga NY the most comprehensive and up to date health care.

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