Super Mom First Aid Kit Essentials


After my first child was born I was diligent about having a well stocked diaper bag containing a first aid kit with every possible lotion, potion, bandage, thermometer, wipe, and antiseptic I could find.  But over time I became a little too lax about replenishing the first aid kit and before I knew it I did not have as much as a clean tissue to offer up my children in the event of a sticky emergency.

Robby PlaygroundWhile at the park the other day, enjoying one of the first truly spring-like afternoons, my insufficient (well, actually at this point, non-existent) first aid kit became glaringly obvious to me after observing a few incidents. One mother reappeared after a trip to the facilities, which is actually a tree in the park, with her child’s pee on her hands. I was the only mother that did not have a wipe easily accessible to offer her which of course she did not need because she had her own arsenal of hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues. Moments later a little boy could be heard screaming. We all ran over, panicked as to whose child was hurt and how severely, only to breath a quick sigh of relief it was not one of our own and then quickly jump into action to make sure the little boy was okay. While other moms offered wipes, tissues, ice packs, and paper towels, I could only offer my sympathy because that was all I had.

Then, ‘Super Mom’ appeared with a large blue first aid kit containing everything from ice packs to antibacterial creams, bandages, and even a ‘magic’ pinwheel meant to distract the injured child from his pain.

I felt myself slink back a bit in shame as I realized had my child been the one injured and no one else was around I would have nothing but my own sweater to wipe away her blood and tears.  I made a vow in that moment to put together a well stocked first aid kit to keep in the car so I could one day be ‘Super Mom’ and help others in need. 

After doing a bit of research and thinking of every possible scenario, then coming back down to earth and realizing there is such a thing as too much, I came up with these practical essentials to include in a Super Mom’s first aid kit (did I mention I did not even have sunscreen that day?) 

Super Mom First Aid Kit Essentials

  • Fun Band aidsAdhesive bandages of various sizes and characters appropriate for both boy, girl, and adult. A good supply of Frozen, Star Wars, and good old-fashioned tan Band-Aids should be sufficient.
  • Wipes, wipes, and more wipes (baby ones or sanitizing wipes)
  • Sunscreen (a sunscreen stick is great to have since it is not as messy as a liquid and is easily applied to little faces)Sun Screen Stick
  • Antibiotic ointment – Neosporin cures everything doesn’t it?
  • Elastic bandage – in case of a possible sprain or for the over dramatic child who needs something visible to soothe their pain other than a kiss from mom.
  • AquaphorAquaphor – because there are more ways to use this product than not; dry skin, lips, scrapes, dry noses, blisters, chafing, and to sooth sensitive skin from irritating clothing tags, sock seams, or anything else that may bother your little one.
  • Sterile gauze pads along with adhesive tape
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Tweezers – because of the off chance your child will actually hold still long enough to let you get that splinter out and when they do not you can put some Aquaphor on it and cover it with an Elsa bandage, OR to pull out a tick in which case your child has no choice but to let you do it.
  • Nail scissors
  • Hydrocortisone creamNatural Bug Spray
  •  Bug spray (there are many great essential oils which can be used as natural bug repellants).
  • Instant cold packs
  • Children’s benedryl – a must if stung by a bee, especially if an allergy is not known.
  • Children’s acetaminophen or Ibuprofenthermometer-36852_1280
  • Any other necessary prescription medicine your child may need including epi- pens for allergies.
  • Thermometer

This is a list of essential items that may come in handy for day to day activities and minor injuries. If you are traveling or have additional medical needs please be sure to include some other important/necessary supplies such as a blanket, emergency contact numbers, and a flashlight.

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  1. What a great idea – I can’t tell you how many times I have been caught unrrapeped for a “blowout” and not had a sparepare! My best friend is pregnant and I would love to give this kit to her so that she doesn’t have to learn the hard way like I did. 🙂

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