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In the Fall SaratogaMama magazine, we briefly introduced you to Glogster, a digital poster creator, in this post we’ll share some more detailed information on Glogster and resources for using it. While Glogster Edu is focused towards educators, parents can easily sign their children up well.

What Glogster does:glogster

Kids can create digital posters that incorporate videos, images, text and hyperlinks.

Age requirements for site:

In order for children to access Glogster Edu, a parent or teacher must first create an account. This means that children under 13 are permitted to use it, but under the supervision of a teacher or parent.


Varies, there is a free version that would be sufficient for parents and small classrooms. If you are an educator with more than 10 students, you can find more information on prices here.

More about Glogster: 

  • There is a library of completed glogs that kids can explore, they a cover a  wide variety of topics, kids can learn from other kids and gain inspiration for their own projects.
  • While all accounts should be monitored by an adult, this is not a guarantee that everything will be 100% appropriate all of the time. There is button on all glogs that allows users to report if something is inappropriate.
  • The majority of glogs available in Glogster Edu are educational.
  • Parents or teachers control who can see glogs created by children.glogex1
  • There is a non-educational glogster available,  it is open to anyone and is not appropriate for young kids. If you want your younger children to use Glogster, be sure it is the edu version.
  •  You can sign up for Glogster Edu using this link(there is a free version available, scroll down to the bottom of the page). Parents, if you homeschool or want your child to use this to support their learning at home, simply select your local school when it asks for school information.
  • Once you set up your account as a teacher or parent, you can create accounts for your children. Use this link to view a video on how to add students or your kids to your account. (The free version allows for 10 user accounts under one adult.)
  • If you have an iPad, there is now a Glogster Edu app available.

Some examples of Glogs: 

Ideas for Use:

  • Create a how-to glog for something your child enjoy doing.
  • Use a glog instead of a PowerPoint to share information.
  • Search the glogpedia to learn something new.
  • Create a scrapbook that can be shared with other family members.
  • Teachers or parents, create a resource for students that includes videos and hyperlinks to pre-approved sites.
  • Take a look at their templates and the glogpedia for more ideas!

How-To Resources 

Try to take some time to explore the site before introducing it to your kids, you will find some questions to consider when introducing a new technology tool to your children in a previous post.

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