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The holiday season is upon us. Soon our shopping bags and waistlines will bulge with the bounty of the season. The to-do lists get long, the budgets cinch tight, and the stress can run high. But the magic of this time of year is never wholly lost to these concerns. The promise of closeness with our families, the gift of time to pause and be present with one another, and the celebration of beloved traditions create their own glow. And that’s what we search most for at this time of year of frigid temperatures and 4:30 PM sunsets.

We want the glow.  And what room in the house is the source of that glow?

Schrader Kitchen ImageTake a moment and recall some of your favorite holiday memories with your family. Where in your home do you gather?

Where do morning pleasantries over steaming cups of coffee turn into important conversations with the sibling you don’t get to see enough?

Where does the daunting task of annual holiday baking become a precious flour-covered memory when shared with your grandchildren for the first time?

Why is it that no matter how overstuffed the sofa and or sharp the picture on your flat screen TV, your loved ones will inevitably gather, glass of wine in hand, to watch or help in the kitchen?

The kitchen is both the literal and metaphorical hearth of the home.

If food is love, and the act of cooking an act of service, nurturing and care, then the kitchen is the source of all of that good feeling. No wonder we gravitate to that warmth.

This year, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, take a moment and look around your own hearth and those of the homes you will visit. What do you like? What do you wish you could change? What would transform your hearth into the heart of your home?

  • Cookies in the kitchenImagine your family’s beloved secret recipe sugar cookies heaped on platters resting on a gleaming granite or quartz countertop.
  • Imagine the blissful absence of clamor and clang as the kids race and rummage through your soft-close (no slamming!) doors and drawers.
  • Picture the organization and ease of use that a new kitchen island or custom cabinetry would afford.
  • Picture next year, your loved ones gathered close around you, in a beautiful, updated, artfully designed kitchen.

Then come see us. We’ll help you get down to the heart of the matter.

Happy Holidays, from all of us at Schrader and Company Construction Services.

Schrader and Company, Inc. is a nationally recognized, award-winning remodeling firm that understands this and strives to deliver the very best quality work in an environment of complete customer trust and comfort. Celebrating 40 years of successful business in the greater capitol region this year, Schrader and Company, Inc. prides itself on earning customers for life as they make their clients’ dreams of beautifully renovated kitchens, bathrooms, and much more, a reality.

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