Holiday Aftermath: Reclaim & Reorganize!


Now that the holidays are coming to a close, most of us are ready to reclaim our home for the New Year. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the holiday “stuff” that is currently taking over your house. If you pack up the holidays in an organized way now, you will be surprised how much easier it will be to find exactly what you need next year.

As you begin to put things away, think about whether or not you really love the item and will want to use it again next year. Consider whether it is worth taking up the space in your basement, garage or other storage space. For items that you do not want anymore consider selling, donating, or giving away to family or friends.

Here are three simple tips for packing up the holiday that will help to ensure a smooth decorating process next year!

  1. Create categories for all of your items and put everything in sections so you can visualize how many boxes or plastic containers you will need. Categories could include; linens, tree ornaments, indoor decorations, outdoor decorations, children’s stuffed animals and books, dining room decorations, living room decorations, misc decorative items, sentimental items, gift wrapping items, etc.
  2. Obtain plastic containers and boxes to store all of the items. If you need to purchase these items consider going to a large retailer because they usually carry unique storage containers that are made specifically for items such as wreaths, tree ornaments, wrapping paper, etc. As a professional organizer I usually prefer clear plastic storage bins for myself and my clients, but for holiday items I think it is fun to use red and green storage, which can be found everywhere this time of year.
  3.  Label, label, label! Label the outside of each box or container so you can easily find what category you need next year. If you are feeling especially organized you can place a sheet of paper inside the box that lists all of the individual items inside that particular box or plastic container.

If you need to purchase storage items to help you get started consider Target, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, or Here are just a few of the holiday storage items you can find at these retailers. Now is a great time to shop because after the holidays most of these storage items are sold at a huge discount!

Holiday Aftermath | Miss-Organized | Saratoga NY

  1. Wreath Storage Box $14.99
  2. Large Adjustable Ornament Storage $23.00  – Target stores or online
  3. Light Storage Reel $29.00   Target stores or online
  4. 12-Gallon Red and Green Plastic Bin $5.48    Lowe’s stores or online

 Happy New Year!


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