Top 5 Back to School Tips to Get Back on Track from Baby Boot Camp!


Back to Fitness from Baby Boot Camp!Relaxing in the summer time feels so good.  Seriously nothing is better than sitting in the sun by the pool watching the kids play or staying up late watching the sun go down while roasting marshmallows and snuggling by the bonfire.

But fast forward….the summer is over the alarm is set for 5:30am and we will be running around all day long.  The buses are coming and the kids are late, we can’t find our keys…sound familiar?   Our days are bursting at the seam, with work, homework, scout meetings and soccer!

So you may think the last thing you can do is fit in a workout but I am going kibosh that excuse! In fact this is the number one most important thing you can do to protect your health and keep you running and full of energy all year round!

Ditch the All or Nothing Mentality

Seriously some IS better than none.  Only have 20 minutes instead of that hour you had planned now that the dog went through the garbage during the night. Don’t give up just get moving!  Throw in a DVD, run on the treadmill, walk the dog (Rover may need a walk after his midnight treats).  The key is just keep moving and don’t give in because life threw you a curve ball.

Healthy SnacksEating Right

The biggest secret out there is plain and simple…EAT RIGHT!  Get into a healthy eating routine is crucial.  For starters eat SIX times per day.  It doesn’t sound right if you are trying to lose weight but actually SIX times per day is perfect – 3 healthy snacks and 3 healthy meals.  With a routine like this you are never hungry (so you do not over eat at main meals) and you will always have plenty of energy making it easier to move through your hectic schedule and EXERCISE too!

Get a Little help from Your FriendsBaby Boot Camp Class

Arguably the best way to keep yourself motivated and committed to achieving your goals is with the help of friends.  Remember when you were younger and you would do things because “everyone else was.”  Fact is, with friends fitness becomes fun, making it easier to commit.  And the best part is just as your friend won’t let you miss a workout, you won’t let them!

Keeping a Journal

My Fitness PalResults from journaling have been amazing!  USA Today for example reported that just keeping a simple food diary can DOUBLE weight loss.  The reason I think journaling works so well is because you are affirming your goals, you review your progress and can plan ahead.  It gives clarity and makes you accountable and it only takes 15 minutes.  There are some great apps to use.  My Fitness Pal is my favorite.

The Importance of Recovery

As you launch yourself into a new exercise regime, it will be a bit of a shock to your system.  That is why it is important to start slow and allow for recovery.  If you do not you run the risk of injury or tiring yourself out and if you miss workouts because of that then you mess with consistency and will end up back at square one.

There are 3 key ingredients for an effective recovery:Stay Hydrated!

  • Hydration – You lose plenty of water when you workout, so be sure to re-hydrate after your workout.  Soft drinks like cola or coffee are not ideal because caffeine is a diuretic, leading to more fluid loss
  • Protein – Protein right after a workout is great because they help build and repair muscle and muscle is an important factor for weight loss.
  • Rest – Recovery happens over time so make sure you rest-up and allow your body to recover.

I wish you all a healthy new school year and remember….

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Together!


Britta Hogue

Britta Hogue

Britta Hogue is a NETA certified Personal Trainer and owner of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness of the Capital District of the Capital District, offering classes and nutrition programs for moms.  Sign up for a free class at or email her at



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