Top 9 Social Media Resolutions for 2014


Top 9 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

9 – Get over your Pinterest envy!

Pinterest EnvyPinterest is cool.  A tool to collect the things you want to refer to later, like recipes, crafts, design ideas, and a place to peer into the lives of others we don’t even know. Pinterest creates envy because we’re being fed perfect visuals of perfect lives, of perfect meals, and perfect storage solutions.  Envy can take over our otherwise happy life and ruin us.  Instead of being proud and blessed for all we have, we’re left needing and wanting- more perfect lives.  I’m not telling you to stop using Pinterest, just don’t let it rob you of your awesomeness.  Pin on, be happy, and remember, you’re awesome too.

8 – Facebook “friend”, it’s not me it’s YOU

Find me on Facebook!

If you’re rolling your eyes in disgust for the fourth time today at that annoying persons Facebook status; take action!  You don’t need to unfriend them completely (or you can!), but you can elect to unfollow them so their posts don’t appear in your news feed.  Time to clean house and rid the noise!  To do this, click on the grey down arrow to the upper right of that (probably annoying) post.

7 – You got a biz?  Then use a Fan Page!

Facebook-Like-ButtonFacebook personal pages or “Profiles” are intended for people… not businesses.  Your Facebook friends (I’ll use that term loosely, see above) have access to your personal information, your pictures, your history, your email and/or cell phone number, your marital status and your drinking pictures.  This personal info is NOT something a business should have access to.  LIKE a business FRIEND a friend.

6 – Update that LinkedIn profile already!


If you’ve completely neglected LinkedIn since you either landed that great job or left that great job, it’s time to go back in and update!  LinkedIn is a really powerful professional network and even if you have that dream job now, whether it be in an office or home raising kids, get back on LinkedIn and reconnect.

5 – Uninstall Vine, stick with Instagram

Say no to Vine and Yes to Instagram

Ain’t nobody got time for Vine!  Who wants to start from scratch and build a totally new social network to pimp their product? Not this mama. I jumped on the Vine bandwagon for a hot second and then just about the time the darn app crashed for its thirtieth time, Instagram announced it was adding video too!  I chopped down that Vine and stuck with the happy, safe and familiar Instagram for pictures and video.

4 – You probably don’t need Twitter

Find me on Twitter!

This may sound odd coming from someone who really loves Twitter, but I’m not so sure it’s going to change your life and be worth your time if you haven’t already taken the plunge.  Twitter is ideal for businesses that create a lot of content and like to share and engage with followers.  Because Twitter is very participatory and demands two-way communication, it’s just not as fun to be a spectator like it is on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.  Save your time, choose another hobby, or read a book!

3 – Don’t rely on cloud-based storage for files

Cloud Storage

Do you store photos on Snapfish or Picasa?  Use Gmail or Google Docs?  You’re using cloud-based storage.  Think of it like this: Cloud = putting your stuff on someone else’s computer.  That someone else happens to be a total security badass, but still, your files now live somewhere else.  Buy yourself an external drive, like this one from  With a full Terabyte of storage for under $100, don’t wait another day!  Oh, and when that little bugger arrives, don’t forget to actually backup those files and keep that drive in a safe place, like a safe.

2 – Don’t start a blog….yet

WordpressSo you’ve got a lot to say, you’ve learned quite a few life lessons you can share with others, you’re fairly creative and spend a lot of time online? You’d seem like the perfect candidate to start a blog… and you might be, but don’t do it yet. You have a word processing program on your computer (or Google Docs) so just start writing!  What happens to many bloggers is that they start with a bang, and fizzle out in about 6 months.  So just start writing and if writing is therapy for you, you have a lot to say, you can carve out the time to do it, and have about 20-30 blog entries written in your word processor, then move it online.  I recommend WordPress for blogging.

1 – Spend a little less time online and a little more time in real life

Meet a friend for coffee, pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked with in a while, go to the library or your local bookstore to find a book to read, and pretend your cell phone doesn’t take pictures or access the internet sometimes.  Savor the moments in real life, and don’t worry about Instagraming the best of the 15 selfies you just took, or perfectly posing your kids to prove to your Facebook friends you do cool things.  Forget about technology every once and a while and just kick it old school.

Wishing you and yours a most happy and prosperous 2014!

Do you have any social media resolutions you’d like to add?  Share them here!

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