Winter Birthday Party Ideas!


Do you have a little one with a birthday party in the cold winter months?  Need some simple ideas?  Rebecca of The Pink Orange and Melissa of Styled by Melissa have put together two sweet parties simple enough for any busy mom (or not so busy mom ) to recreate! Have fun with it and make your indoor parties just as much fun as taking things outside!

Girls Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Start with the idea of a little girls brunch, add pink pancakes with a dash of food coloring, donut holes to dunk in hot cocoa and sprinkles, frosting and candies to top off plain donuts!

Girls Winter Birthday Party Ideas

For fun indoor winter activities, we created an area for each little girl to make her own fleece scarf and hair accessories. What girly-girl wouldn’t love that?

Girls Winter Birthday Party Ideas

To make the fleece scarf, cut 1 yard of super soft fleece into strips, thickness depending on age of the child and preferred size.  We were able to get 4 scarfs from 1 yard. Cut small strips on each end and tie a knot for fringe.  Let the children decorate with fabric glue and a variety of embellishments!

Boy’s Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Bring a summer carnival inside! Serve typical carnival food like hamburgers, fries, popcorn, cotton candy, and candy apples for an exciting and unexpected birthday treat.  For some great activities create an area for painting, make your own clown favor boxes, bean bag tosses, ring tosses. These activities and carnival inspired food make this a hit for any little guy!  This theme is great for any age just vary the level of the games and add tickets and prizes for even more fun.

Boys Winter Birthday Party Ideas

To keep energetic boys busy, we created a painting area and an area for them to create their own clowns. To make the clowns, kids used our pre-made clown kits. We also set up an area for ring toss, you will have a mini competition going!

Boys Winter Birthday Party Ideas

We hope you are inspired by one of our party themes! Please feel free to contact Styled By Melissa or The Pink Orange if you have any questions

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  1. What fun party ideas! I love the pre made clown kits and the scarf and accessory ideas. So many party ideas are just decorating and food based and don’t include fun activities…which is key to a successful party from the kids perspective. Thanks for the tips.

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