LEGOLAND Discovery Center Review

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Review

LEGO is a big deal in my house.  I thought of no better way to treat our LEGO lover on his birthday than with a visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester NY!  What made this particular trip even more fun was that our exchange student from Spain (Asia) was with us.  We planned our visit on a Friday in an attempt to avoid some of the weekend crowds. The trip from Saratoga took a little under three hours.  LEGOLAND {Read More}

Inspirational Mom of the Month: Amanda Vitti

July '14

Our Inspirational Mom of the Month series is sponsored by Bella Rouge Cosmetics and Skincare Boutique and each mom will receive a $25 gift certificate plus a mini facial and makeup application courtesy of Bella Rouge. — Photography is part of Amanda’s soul; any hint of shyness or uncertainty disappears the moment an opportunity to talk about or take a picture arises. A self described introvert throughout her childhood there is still a definite hint of that in her personality but there is also a {Read More}

Guest Review of Zest in Ballston Spa

Zest Review

My dear friend and frequent SaratogaMama blog and magazine contributor Robin Morgan reviews one of her favorite food spots, Zest!   Like most busy families, we don’t plan our meals very well, and we often run out of time to cook a healthy (and for me, gluten free) meal at the end of the day.  This is why I can say with total honesty that my life has improved since discovering Zest, a Personal Chef and Catering Company on Science Street {Read More}

Supporting Social-Emotional Growth in Toddlers

Local Programs and Ideas

The other day I was at the park with my daughter, Callen, pushing her on the tire swing when an enthusiastic child with pig tails and a bomb pop mustache jumped right on there with her. My daughter immediately searched for me with worry although I was practically touching her.  The little girl asked Callen if she wanted to play with her new baby doll. My daughter was ready to dig a hole in the sandbox and hide right in {Read More}

The Truth about Summer

The Truth about Summer

• The Ice Cream Man can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the day. There are the days you happily hand your children a few dollars to pick out their favorite ice cream to enjoy at the pool. You smile happily as the Ice Cream Man hands your children their selections and you go about your day in peace and harmony. Then there are the days you forget your wallet or simply say ‘no’ because they {Read More}

50 Things to Do in Saratoga County This Summer

50 Summer

Are you looking for fun?  Here are 50 options for you and your family to do this summer in Saratoga County!  Add your ideas below in the comments section.  Happy Summer- Go the track!  Our Saratoga Race Course Family Guide has what you need to know before you go! Go to a free or discounted movie. Both Regal and Bow Tie Cinemas have specials this summer. Take a hike and check out the Western Ridge Trail or some of the area fire towers {Read More}

The Saratoga Race Course – Family Guide

Saratoga Race Course Family Guide 2014

The Saratoga Race Course is one of the attractions that Saratoga Springs is most known for.  Visitors flock to this historic track to watch and wager on horse racing.  Even if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, the Saratoga Race Course truly does offer an experience that almost everyone can enjoy, including your family! The 40-day 2014 Saratoga meet begins Friday July 18th and concludes Monday, September 1st, 2014. The Family Guide to the Saratoga Race Course Here {Read More}

Apps, Gadgets, and Gizmos for Busy Mom: Zulily (it’s an app now!)

zulily shopping app

Right after my daughter was born I discovered I am usually wary of buying products online unless I am certain the site is established and trustworthy. At the time I knew nothing about other than they appeared to have some great deals on products and clothing for children. Maybe it was my raging hormones, after all I had just given birth, or maybe it was lack of sleep but I decided to throw caution to the wind and order {Read More}

Free Haircuts for New Moms at Blue Peregrine Salon!


Are you a new mom who might need a little pampering? Or maybe you know a new mom who might need some time to herself? Jeannette Ernst has your answer! Beginning this week, she will be offering a free cut and style to all new moms who have a child 12 months or younger at the Blue Peregrine Salon on 55 Beekman Street in Saratoga.  I am doing this because as a mother myself, I suffered from Postpartum Depression and I {Read More}

Before You Stock up on Suncreen You May Want to Read This

Before you Buy Sunscreen

Up until recently choosing a sunscreen was mostly based on convenience and price. But in recent years more and more information has been released about the potentially harmful chemicals often found in sunscreen. While most dermatologists agree it is more important to use sunscreen than not, it is also becoming increasingly important to choose sunscreen that does not contain certain ingredients.  I did some research so I could make a more informed decision about which sunscreens to use on myself {Read More}