Small Business Saturday in Saratoga County

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One great way to get some holiday shopping done and support local businesses is Small Business Saturday. We’ve gathered a list of special events and deals happening in Saratoga County to help you plan your Small Business Saturday in Saratoga!  Be sure to check back throughout the week as we will be updating as we learn of more specials!  Saratoga Crafter’s Gallery, 427 Broadway, Saratoga Springs 20% off Creative Sparks, 42 Phila St. Saratoga Springs 1 Free Studio Fee G. Willikers, 461 {Read More}

Family Day at the 2014 Saratoga Festival of Trees Plus Giveaway!

Festival of Trees Ticket Giveaway

It’s time again for the annual Festival of Trees in Saratoga!  This event is a family-favorite and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.  The Festival of Trees transforms the Saratoga City Center each year into a magical winter wonderland. At last year’s festival, we adored oohing and ahhing over each of the exquisitely decorated Christmas trees.  After admiring the trees, we were then seated in the dining area for a special ‘sundaes with Santa’.  The kids loved eating ice cream {Read More}

“I’m Pregnant, Not Injured” – 5 Tips to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Active and Pregnant

Guest blogger and personal trainer Kaila Morgante shares her experience and tips on how to stay active during pregnancy and her top 5 tips to keep moving!  I work in the fitness industry, so upon becoming pregnant I was already very active. Our little bundle was a happy surprise and, as an avid runner, I didn’t know when I signed up for a half marathon that fall that I would be 11 weeks along.  I said to myself, “I’ll take each day as it comes {Read More}

An Advent Inspired Calendar that Guarantees You Make the Nice List

Inspring Kindness

Being Jewish I did not grow up celebrating Christmas, although I always found the holiday season especially magical. Now my family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah which makes the next couple months twice as much fun. To make this year even more memorable I decided to introduce a new tradition to my children; a “Do-Nice Things” Advent inspired calendar. For under ten dollars I purchased all the supplies needed to create our own special calendar. Using poster board, envelopes, and {Read More}

Sometimes a Princess has to be a Princess

Sometimes a Princess has to be a Princess

When my daughter’s teacher called me Halloween morning to report my little girl had been crying since I left her (which is not the norm), I knew I had to go pick her up. I also knew the reason behind this behavior was not because she was getting sick or perhaps had an ear infection as her teacher suspected, although these were reasonable beliefs. I knew the reason had to do with my little one’s Halloween costume. When I dropped {Read More}

Featured Biz: Upstate Concierge Medicine

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It’s 2am and baby spikes a fever.  You remember somewhere in the medicine cabinet you had some children’s tylenol but the date has expired and the dosing instructions are unclear.  Or, it’s the start of a busy work day and you develop your typical UTI symptoms but don’t have time to schedule an appointment.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up the phone and be connected to a doctor who can advise you on what to do or call {Read More}

Vote Now for our 2015 Kid Picks

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We are pleased to announce the polls are open for our second annual Kid Picks Awards! Here are some important voting notes: You do not need to provide an answer to every question, so skip as many as you wish! The listed choices are there for convenience, but we encourage you to write in your own response for any and all questions if your choice is not already listed! We want to hear from you!  The very last question is a {Read More}

FabFitFun Roundup: A Few of My Favorites From Summer and Fall

FabFitFun Review

Sadly about a month ago I ended my relationship with BirchBox. Not because I did not love it but because I felt it was no longer good for me.  I needed to make a clean break from all the hassle that comes along with samples (not enough room in my medicine cabinet), plus, I admit, I had found something new, something better. It was a difficult decision and it was tough to stay strong as BirchBox begged me to take {Read More}

Halloween Giveaway from Clutter Advocate

Clutter Advocate Giveaway

Halloween can be scary and so can getting started with organizing your home! Have you been staring at piles of clutter? Have you been meaning to get to that room or space in your home, but keep putting it off to another day? We understand and are here to help. Jenny at Clutter Advocate has years of experience organizing homes.  Not only will you have an organized home when she is done, but you will significantly relieve the stress that {Read More}

Allergy Free Treats For Halloween

Allergy Free Halloween Treat Ideas

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The fabulous costumes, parties, tasty treats, and all the fun, spooky decorations and scary movies that are meant to entertain and playfully frighten are loads of fun for both adults and children. Unfortunately when you are a parent of a child with a food allergy Halloween becomes more scary than fun. With nearly 6 million children believed to have food allergies (, the chances are pretty high at least one of the little goblins, witches, or {Read More}