Featured Biz: Nourishing Minds Tutoring Saratoga

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At Nourishing Minds Tutoring Saratoga, their core belief is that all children have the right to learn and deserve to succeed in school. They specialize in tutoring children in grades K through 6 in the core school subjects of English Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Math, and Science. Whether your child excels at school or finds learning to be a challenge, private tutoring may be the answer. With the introduction of the Common Core State Standards, many children are finding the transition {Read More}

Mama Review: Tumblewool Dryer Balls


  This past year I made the switch from dryer sheets to dryer balls. I thought it would be one less thing I had to remember at the grocery store, maybe save some money and  cut the chemicals that are used on dryer sheets.  So when Tumblewool reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in trying their product, I was happy to look into a local option for purchase. Here are the top 5 reasons why {Read More}

Featured Biz: Upstate Concierge Medicine

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It’s 2am and baby spikes a fever.  You remember somewhere in the medicine cabinet you had some children’s tylenol but the date has expired and the dosing instructions are unclear.  Or, it’s the start of a busy work day and you develop your typical UTI symptoms but don’t have time to schedule an appointment.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up the phone and be connected to a doctor who can advise you on what to do or call {Read More}

Searching for a Moment of Clarity | Clarity Juice Giveaway

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I met Sydney Peyser, owner of Clarity Juice over a year ago at the SaratogaMama Women’s Business Expo.  Thankfully our paths have crossed numerous times since then and it’s been fun seeing her business grow!  As a busy mom, I was especially excited at the launch of the Clarity Juice cold-pressed bottled juice.  ‘Convenience’ and ‘health food’ don’t often go hand-in-hand, so I love that I can pick up a juice and fuel myself and my kids with a huge dose {Read More}

Local Parents Share Their Go Kids Experience + Giveaway

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Go Kids has been in business now for a little over a year and the program has served hundreds of families.  Go Kids has expanded it’s business and now offers summer camp programs, classes in conjunction with Healthy Living Market, and even healthy home cooking classes.  Still the crux of the business is just as it’s always been; promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping kids to develop a lifelong passion for sports. At SaratogaMama, we’ve worked with Go Kids and owner {Read More}

My Top Ten Must-Have Items at Healthy Living Market!

10 Must Have Items at Healthy Living Market

I’ve adored shopping at Healthy Living Market in Saratoga Springs since the day they opened their doors.  I probably make a weekly trip there, sometimes to pick up a few quick items, and other times to do some major shopping.  I eat a fairly healthy diet; paleo about 80% of the time with a little added grain like quinoa and brown rice and a cheat now and then with some really great cheese (and chocolate!).  The rest of my family…. {Read More}

All About: Amazing Athletes plus Giveaway!

Amazing Athletes of the Capital Region

Amazing Athletes is a year-round developmental sports and fitness program for children 2-6 years old.  The program teaches children the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports and incorporates activities proven to build and mature a child’s motor development, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular fitness.  Each class also incorporate two sports, activities to promote stretching and muscle tone, and games and obstacle courses to keep your child moving while having a blast. We met owner Jessica Perrott recently at an Amazing {Read More}

All About: Karna Fitness of the Capital Region

All About Karna Fitness

With 2014 right around the corner, most of us have goals and resolutions which might include eating healthier or starting an exercise program.  Lucky for us, we have tons of local options and resources to help achieve our goals.  I’ve known trainer Britta Hogue for a while now, and have taken several classes from her.  I was really excited to hear that she had launched a new fitness program for women called Karna Fitness. What is Karna Fitness? Karna Fitness {Read More}

All About: Capital Region Vein Centre

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Kids are awesome, but sometimes the affect that being pregnant and giving birth has on our bodies is not so awesome.  I definitely noticed more stretch marks and unsightly varicose veins after each pregnancy.  I was happy to learn about Dr. Fort and the Capital Region Vein Centre located in Schenectady!  Check them out for yourself… — About Dr. Fort and the Capital Region Vein Centre Capital Region Vein Centre Capital Region Vein Centre was founded in 1995 and is the {Read More}

All About: Contemporary Athlete in Clifton Park

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Contemporary Athlete is having an Open House on Saturday, October 5th from 2 to 5 pm at their new location at 1 Fairchild Square, Suite #115 in Clifton Park, NY.  Here’s some more info about this unique training facility! All About: Contemporary Athlete Contemporary Athlete is a high performance training facility for athletes of all ages and all disciplines.  Hard work and results are what this center is all about.  Trainer Dave Bender (with lots of certifications after his name {Read More}