“I’m Pregnant, Not Injured” – 5 Tips to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Active and Pregnant

Guest blogger and personal trainer Kaila Morgante shares her experience and tips on how to stay active during pregnancy and her top 5 tips to keep moving!  I work in the fitness industry, so upon becoming pregnant I was already very active. Our little bundle was a happy surprise and, as an avid runner, I didn’t know when I signed up for a half marathon that fall that I would be 11 weeks along.  I said to myself, “I’ll take each day as it comes {Read More}

Finding My ‘Om’

Finding my om

Several months ago, during an intense but gratifying hot yoga class, I felt the undeniable, and unfortunately, all too familiar jolt of excruciating pain shoot through my knee. ‘Not again!’ I grumbled to myself. Over the last few years I had suffered from bouts of tendonitis in my left knee that would force me to take short breaks from some my favorite exercises including yoga and kickboxing. I stubbornly finished out the rest of the yoga class knowing it would {Read More}

How My Five Year Old Defined Fitness For Me

How My Five Year Old Defined Fitness For

I met Amy Haley Hoehn at a class I took recently at Staccato Barre in Saratoga.  We are both mama’s with a passion for weightlifting and fitness in general and I was especially excited that she wanted to share some of her knowledge with me and with us!  Welcome Amy to the SaratogaMama blog… I once described fitness as Fitness.  As in, the body-builder’s version of looking toned and lean in spandex and acrylic nails.  I trained long hours in {Read More}

Ready, Set, GO! Tips to get kids moving!

Tips to Get Kids Moving

With childhood obesity on the rise and childhood activity on the decline getting our kids moving is an important component to parenting today. According to the Centers for Disease Control, children and adolescents should be getting 60 minutes a day of mostly aerobic exercise.  Aerobic activities are those that get a person breathing deeper and their heart beating faster.  With children the key is to keep it fun and variable.  Keep in mind those 60 minutes a day don’t have {Read More}

Before You Stock up on Suncreen You May Want to Read This

Before you Buy Sunscreen

Up until recently choosing a sunscreen was mostly based on convenience and price. But in recent years more and more information has been released about the potentially harmful chemicals often found in sunscreen. While most dermatologists agree it is more important to use sunscreen than not, it is also becoming increasingly important to choose sunscreen that does not contain certain ingredients.  I did some research so I could make a more informed decision about which sunscreens to use on myself {Read More}

Food Sensitivities and Children, What are the Signs?

Food Sensitivities and Kids

By Kathryn Kos, NTP – Primal Bliss Nutrition Often times as parents we get that “hunch” that something may be wrong with our child. We can’t pinpoint exactly what may be going on. They may be moody or withdrawn. They may have dark circles under their eyes, or dry itchy skin. Often times the child is reacting to a certain food in their diet. Children can react to a food in so many different ways. This guide is to help {Read More}

7 Baby Holding Exercises from Baby Boot Camp

7 Baby Holding Exercises

As mothers we know a certain truth: Some days our babies only want to be held and even the most expensive carrier, swing or stroller can’t help us. Which is wonderful if you’re having a relaxing day, but because those don’t happen often as mothers we need to be flexible (and learn to do a lot of things one-handed.) But when it comes to working out, that baby appendage can be a chance to add a little intensity (read: weight) to {Read More}

11 Tips For Staying Injury Free at the Gym


Whether you’re new to the gym or a veteran gym rat, no one ever wants to be sidelined with an injury. Believe it or not, the gym is a pretty risky place. A lot of people actually end up hurting themselves instead of helping themselves while trying to get into or stay in shape. And then what happens? Usually everything you worked so hard for goes right down the drain and when you’re all healed up, you’re right back to {Read More}

A Beginners Guide to Yoga

Beginners Guide Yoga

Guest blogger, Faye Annis from GTS Clothing shares some tips on getting started with yoga.  Interested in starting yoga, but not quite sure about it? Alright, take a deep breath in through the nose… and a deep breath out through the mouth. See you’ve already started! Seeing experienced yogi’s on the cover of Yoga Journal doing poses that seem almost impossible can be intimidating. However, starting a routine yoga practice isn’t about that, it’s about making your practice your own. {Read More}

Blast Your Body Fat – 5 Important Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Enter any gym and you will typically see ninety percent of clients (most women) are working their butts off on some sort of cardio machine…or are they?  Did you know that adults who do not weight train lose 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade?  Once we lose muscle mass we slow our resting metabolism making it harder and harder to lose that stubborn body fat.  So why are so many women scared to strength train? In my experience, many women are {Read More}