Gadgets, Apps, and Gizmos for Busy Moms: Target’s Cartwheel App

Cartwheel by target

True Story: After years of failing to remember to bring my coupons or bringing my coupons and forgetting to actually hand them over to the cashier, I finally got my act together. I collected all the appropriate coupons, even made a list of the products to buy, made it to the register with the items and so proudly answered ‘yes, I do,’ when asked if I had any coupons. I gave the cashier my neatly organized coupons and could not {Read More}

Apps, Gadgets, and Gizmos for Busy Moms:

All About ABC Mouse

Most likely you have caught a glimpse or heard a snippet of the dramatic commercials with claims of two year old children reading at kindergarten levels, or children who were behind academically suddenly jumping ahead by leaps and bounds, all thanks to! Commercials are meant to sell so I never paid much attention to this one. Then one day my kindergartener came home very excited about and begged me to put it on our computer. I was {Read More}

Apps, Gadgets, and Gizmos to Make Life Easier: GrooveBook

Apps Gadgets and Gizmos

Capture Your Memories: I recently threw my smart phone down in frustration (on the couch); every time I tried to take a picture my phone would go blank.  That is when I noticed the 12oo something pictures that were being stored on the phone.  Hmm… maybe my phone was rebelling against having to carry around so many memories. But honestly who has the time to download 1000 pictures and create a photo album. If only there was a way to {Read More}

Because the Dishes Can’t Wait!

Im a Neat Freak

Becoming a mom includes taking on a whole lot of guilt; striving for the kind of perfection impossible to achieve can make you question your every move. With the onslaught of social media making it easier than ever to read about how perfect everyone else is, it has become even easier to judge ourselves poorly. Parents are bombarded by heartfelt articles and tear inducing quotes conveying the message to let the dust bunnies be, do not use the words “hurry {Read More}

12 Must-Have Money Saving Phone Apps


As technology is ever changing, looking for exciting new ways to save money can be as simple as a click away from your phone. Turn your smartphone into a virtual money saving machine with this guest post from Inspiring Savings! I have compiled a list of my favorite FREE money saving phone apps. Keep in mind that new apps are developed all the time, so while it is quite possible I’ve missed something, I do feel confident that this list is a {Read More}

30 Fun Winter Activities

Fun Activities To Get You Through The Winter

The cold temperatures and potential snow days can leave many moms feeling a bit anxious.  What are we going to do every day all day?? Here are a few fun, easy, affordable winter activities for you and your children; many of these suggestions may require you for part of the time but will also keep the kids occupied for a while so you can take a break or get some other work done. 1.  Make Mashed Potato Snowmen When the {Read More}

Top 9 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

Top 9 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

9 - Get over your Pinterest envy! Pinterest is cool.  A tool to collect the things you want to refer to later, like recipes, crafts, design ideas, and a place to peer into the lives of others we don’t even know. Pinterest creates envy because we’re being fed perfect visuals of perfect lives, of perfect meals, and perfect storage solutions.  Envy can take over our otherwise happy life and ruin us.  Instead of being proud and blessed for all we have, we’re {Read More}

The Heart of the Matter Guest Post from Schrader and Company

The Heart of The Home

The holiday season is upon us. Soon our shopping bags and waistlines will bulge with the bounty of the season. The to-do lists get long, the budgets cinch tight, and the stress can run high. But the magic of this time of year is never wholly lost to these concerns. The promise of closeness with our families, the gift of time to pause and be present with one another, and the celebration of beloved traditions create their own glow. And {Read More}

10 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids


Need some more fall decorations for your house and want your kids to help? We’ve gathered 10 easy fall crafts for kids that the whole family will enjoy! 1 Kids of any age can do the knuckle print pumpkins shared at Putti’s World, and then you will have a keepsake to take out every fall! 2 Picked too many apples? Your kids can use them as stamps! Like this example from Bless this Mess. 3 Create these marbleized leaves using {Read More}

Top 10 Easy Fall Decorations


The kids are back to school, the mums and pumpkins are making their debut, and leaves are on the ground…all signs that it is time to get ready for the fall! We’ve gathered some fun and easy DIY projects to help you decorate and get ready for the fun season ahead!  Enjoy our easy fall decorations! — Create this fall leaves garland from A Beautiful Mess to decorate a mantle, window or doorway. – - Use floral wire to make a {Read More}