6 (Sad but True) Wardrobe Essentials for Moms

Mom Wardrobe Essentials-4

Recently while perusing my Facebook feed I saw, “Capture Kate Moss’s Style With These 9 Wardrobe Essentials”. Well, of course who does not want to emulate Kate Moss? I clicked through each slide and had the same thought running through my mind, “but it’s freaking Kate Moss!” She may be short by model standards but she’s tall to my barely 5’2″ frame and she’s soooo skinny! Wasn’t she the waif of the 90’s? And then I come back to the {Read More}

Halloween Giveaway from Clutter Advocate

Clutter Advocate Giveaway

Halloween can be scary and so can getting started with organizing your home! Have you been staring at piles of clutter? Have you been meaning to get to that room or space in your home, but keep putting it off to another day? We understand and are here to help. Jenny at Clutter Advocate has years of experience organizing homes.  Not only will you have an organized home when she is done, but you will significantly relieve the stress that {Read More}

Apps, Gadgets, and Gizmos for Busy Mom: Cozi

Cozi Family Calendar

When I first began researching the Cozi app, a free family organizing app for smartphones, I did not think I would find it useful at this point in my life. It seemed a great app for families with older children who are more independent, have their own smartphones, and are no longer reliant on mom and dad to get them where they need to go. And while it definitely is a great tool for families like this, I was pleasantly {Read More}

The Truth about Summer

The Truth about Summer

• The Ice Cream Man can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the day. There are the days you happily hand your children a few dollars to pick out their favorite ice cream to enjoy at the pool. You smile happily as the Ice Cream Man hands your children their selections and you go about your day in peace and harmony. Then there are the days you forget your wallet or simply say ‘no’ because they {Read More}

4th of July Crafts, Decorations, Snacks and Events!

4th of july 2014

With 4th of July fast approaching, we’ve gathered some crafts, DIY Decorations, snacks and activities to help you celebrate with your family!  4th of July Crafts for Kids Do your kids love watching the fireworks? They can make their own firework pictures using this method from “I Can Teach My Child”.  Here is another method for kids to create fireworks with paint and q-tips from Sassy Dealz.  Your kids can great this patriotic garland with a few easy steps from Crafty Corner. {Read More}

Apps, Gadgets and Gizmos for Busy Moms: Jelly App

Apps Gadgets and Gizmos

How many times have you turned to social media such as Facebook or twitter, to ask a question? I know I do this frequently and I have friends that do the same. Now imagine being able to ask a question and not only reach your friends but reach their friends, and the friends of their friends, and the friends of their friends, and and on and on down the social media line including pages you follow on Facebook and people {Read More}

Mama Book Reviews: The Paris Wife


Title: The Paris Wife Author: Paula McLain Genre: Biographical fiction Prior to reading this book, my knowledge of Ernest Hemingway boiled down to the few bullet points most people associate with him: Celebrated Lost Generation author with a unique, sparse writing style Definitively macho and often criticized for misogynistic leanings in his work Tortured artist who killed himself While The Paris Wife didn’t reveal any of these factoids to be inaccurate, this fictionalized account of Hemingway’s first marriage to the sheltered {Read More}

Top Money Saving Tips for Family Road Trips


Summer is just around the corner. Soon the kids will be out of school and you may be thinking of taking a road trip with your family. Planning a family road trip does not happen overnight, however,  you’ll want to start budgeting and planning now to minimize headaches around the departure date. There are plenty of online resources to help you save on traveling expenses once you get to your destination, but what about saving along the way? Check out the {Read More}

Gadgets, Apps, and Gizmos for Busy Moms: Blinkbuggy


Right now my younger son’s baby book is sitting in a drawer, over flowing with all of the papers that need to be organized, and I have a document on my computer with all of his “firsts” listed out until I can sit down and work on his book. All of my older son’s pictures and projects from school this year are in a folder(after they spent some time on our fridge of course!), waiting to be organized in someway. {Read More}

Mudroom Ruminating


Poet e.e. cummings famously referred to spring as the time of year when the world is “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful”. That’s certainly true here in the Northeast as we wait and hope the April showers bring us May’s promised flowers. Spring is also universally synonymous with “spring cleaning”, a cultural construct in which we all don rubber gloves and take up feather dusters en masse to tackle the monsters of clutter hidden in our closets and underneath our beds. Or at {Read More}