Find a Pediatrician/Pediatric Dentist in Saratoga County

Here is a listing of pediatricians and pediatric dentists in Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Glens Falls and Clifton Park NY  Leave your comments below and tell us about your doctor!


  • Pediatric Associates of Saratoga – 4 Carpenter Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 – 518-587-3823
  • Community Care Pediatrics – Locations in Saratoga, Malta, Clifton Park & Latham 
  • Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga  (Malta location)  5 Hemphill Place, Building 3 Suite 123, Parade Ground Village Malta, NY 12020
    Phone: (518) 584-0355
  • Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga – 5 Mountain Ledge Dr, Gansevoort, NY 12831
    Phone: (518) 584-0355
  • Community Care Pediatrics – Clifton Park – 1735 Route 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065
    Phone: (518) 371-5437
  • Community Care Pediatrics – Latham – 711 Troy-Schenectady Road, Suite 101, Latham, NY 12110
    Phone: (518) 783-3110
  • Capital Care Pediatrics  942A Route 146, Clifton Park, NY 12065, Phone: (518) 371-8000
  • Grand Medical Pediatrics   294 Grand Avenue, Saratoga Springs, 12866  – 518-580-9182

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  1. We go to Community Care Pediatrics and see Dr. Noonan. We like our doctor and have had a positive experience there. Community Care suits our family very well, offers convenient hours, and several locations. We’ve seen many of the other doctors in the practice and all were very good.

  2. We go to Pediatric Associates of Saratoga and see Dr. Breen who we absolutely love! We’ve seen other Dr.s in the office a few times and they have all been great as well.

  3. I have a 7 mo. old and we go to Community Care Pediatrics and see Dr. Cirenza. I was very nervous being that this was my first child but the entire office has been extremely helpful. I have called for everything from a cough to a serious cold and they tell me exactly what I can do or whether I should bring him in or not. Dr. Cirenza is great to talk to and he is great with my son. He has definitely helped me get through his first 7 months without being too uptight and we look forward to many more years with him.

  4. I’ve recently moved into the area and joined the Pediatrics Associates of Saratoga. Is it typical to wait 6 weeks for an open appointment? I’ve only gone once and am trying to make my daughter’s 12 month check up. I’m a little unsure if I should stay there.

    • We’re at Community Care Pediatrics and don’t have to wait long at all for appointments. I’m sure Pediatrics Associate’s put a much bigger sense of urgency on sick visits vs. well visits, but that wait-time would concern me too. It might be worth checking out your options if your insurance accepts other local ped’s.

  5. I would just like to comment on the experience I had this morning at Community Care Pediatrics in Gansevoort. We recently moved here from Long Island on October 5. I have been using my Long Island pediatrician for well visits since then. My son came down with a high fever Thursday night and this morning still wasn’t 100%. I checked the list of pediatricians this morning to be happily surprised that Community Care in Gansevoort was 2 minutes from my house and open :) . Unfortunately when I got their with my visibly sick child I was just rudely turned away because I wasn’t a “patient” at their office. And since I wasn’t a “patient” I couldn’t take advantage of their Saturday hours. Even after communicating that I wanted to become a patient they told me I had to come back on MONDAY! Well you can imagine how appalled I was and nonetheless told the rude receptionist that I would never want to be a part of their practice anyway with these crazy rules. With that (as I was walking to the door) she screamed “Saturdays are for our patients only”. Well my hormones (just had a baby 2 months ago) led me to scream “I would never want to be a patient somewhere where they turn away sick children!!!” We are actually closing on a house in Halfmoon in February so if anyone has suggestions for a great ped. I would gladly take them.

    • Diana,
      I feel so bad that you had this experience. We’ve been going to Community Care for the past 4 years and have had very positive experiences. We as mothers get so protective of our kids; especially when they’re sick so it’s too bad you didn’t feel the love from Community Care. I hope your baby is doing fine now! Let us know if you end up finding a great pediatrician in the area! By the way, welcome to Saratoga County! So glad you’ve found us online.

  6. We are in Malta and expecting a baby in Jan, so we are looking for a pediatrician either in Malta/Saratoga, Ballston Spa or CP. I had heard great things about Dr. Griffieths at Capital Care in CP, but he’s not accepting new patients at this time. Any recommendations for other doctors in this practice? I saw Dr. Glasgow as a kid and my mom thought she was fantastic, but she’s got to be close to retiring…

    Also, I called Community Care Saratoga to try to get in to meet Dr. Cirenza as I’ve heard great things about him as well, but they don’t really do “meet and greet” appointments prior to the baby’s arrival. They signed me up for an information session this Wednesday so we’ll see how it goes.

    • Good luck on your search Brianna! The good thing about Community Care is that they have a lot of doctor’s to choose from. I’m sure you’d find someone there that you like. Let us know how you make out!

  7. Concerned Mom says:

    Hello! I will be moving to the area in about a year and I am wondering how hard it is to opt out of vaccines? My 6 yo son had a horrible reaction to his 18 month routine shots and has not been the same since. I have another little guy on the way eta Dec 1st and have found two wonderful pediatricians who are well versed in how to raise healthy children without vaccines and we have been able to successfully raise our son to be very healthy and want to be able to continue this when we move from out of state. If someone is already opting out of vaccines and would not mind sharing with me how hard it is/which pediatricians they recommend. I would really appreciate it! We use mainly herbs and vitamins to ‘treat’ the cause of illness successfully. (We also appreciate wonderful hospitals, doctors, and staff for emergency situations)

    • Hello Concerned Mom! Thanks for the comment. While we DO vaccinate our children, I’m aware of a local female family doctor that is wonderful and would most likely support your decisions. Her name is Jessica Davis and here website is:
      I know Jessica and aside from being a very nice person, her philosophy on medicine is very holistic and I feel she’d be a great choice for your family. Let us know how you do!

      • Hi,

        I too am curious if anyone knows of a more holisitically minded ped/family doctor in the Glens Falls, Saratoga or Albany areas. Jessica Davis looks great, but she does not take insurance and we can’t really afford it the way she does it.
        Thanks in advance

  8. My kids have been going to Community Care Pediatrics in Saratoga for five years. We love the doctors but we cannot stand the receptionists. They are so rude to us especially when our kids are sick, and we have considered switching practices several times. But we do like the doctors so we stick it out. I wish the doctors would hire more respectful receptionists. I totally relate to the story in an earlier post about the receptionists screaming at the mom…they have done it to me several times and it is awful. I have even had the head office manager call me at home to scream at me. I’ve also had the doctors call me more than once to apologize to me for the receptionists’ behavior.

    • That really stinks. We typically go to the office in Malta and I find the staff there to be always very pleasant. I’ll make sure that someone at Community Care sees this comment and hopefully the situation will improve. They do have really wonderful doctors!

  9. Hi!
    Was so excited to find this site and was wondering if any of you have a good ob/gun suggestion as well as pediatrician? We will be moving to area in July and I am due with our second son in August! We are from NJ so I won’t have much time to “shop around” and meet doctors/tour hospitals before the baby is born so any suggestions would be helpful-thanks!!

    • Amanda Ellithorpe says:

      Hi Ashley,

      I am also fairly new to the area and started my GYN care with Myrtle St. as most women in the area do as it’s the only OBGYN practice in Saratoga that admits to Saratoga Hospital. My GYN care was satisfactory under Dr. Slatch but the rest of the experience there was unacceptable. I’ve lived in many states and had many providers and specialists over the years and I find their practice to be unacceptable for my needs. When I got pregnant with my first baby last October, I continued my care with them, assuming that was my only option and since they already had my records, it would be easier. Both my husband and I knew it wasn’t a good fit for us or our baby-to-be by the 2nd trimester and with the help of our amazing doula (Amanda Mody/Sacred Moments Doula), we met with 4 other providers and toured 3 other facilities. We landed with an amazing practice who is VERY well respected. Dr. Sattar and his midwives are located in Schenectady but it’s worth the drive. They deliver at Bellevue which is superior option to Saratoga, in my mind and they are the perfect mix of seasoned OB and midwifery care. The only practice like in our area. Dr. Sattar is skilled at and welcoming of breech births, doing versions to move baby, vaginal breech and VBACs, if needed. And he is on faculty at Albany Med. I go to the most sought-after gastroenterologist in the area and he says Dr. Sattar is the best! Good luck and I’m curious to see where you land :)

  10. Amanda Ellithorpe says:


    I’m expecting my first baby in 6 weeks (wahooo!) and am so overwhelmed with the pediactrics choices. I’ve read all these comments and am worried about making the right choice between the two practices in Saratoga. I just called to set up my “meet and greet” with Pediatrics Associates. They were extremely friendly, I’m impressed with their provider bios and get a good vibe from them. While CCP seems great too, the receptionist was SO rude and didn’t make me feel like a “meet and greet” was a welcome request. I might get a phone call back for a June group meeting. They don’t even know if/when they’re doing one! That seemed very strange to me. I know A LOT of women in the area are due in July… Anyhow, would anyone feel comfortable sharing more about their experiences with these two practice or some pros/cons? I do know that poor administrative support will make me angry enough to leave a practice and I do believe it reflects how organized the practice is as well as how well the whole office communicates. It’s never a good sign! If it helps, I’d like a good blend of holistic approaches with traditional Western medicine. However, I’m not interested in seeing Jessica (mentioned in previous post) for my first baby or at least for the newborn stage. I’d be open to switching to her once we get through the nervous nelly newborn stage!

  11. It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this post as well as from our argument made here.

  12. Hi. I recently moved to Saratoga and am in the process of researching pediatricians, OBs, adult primary care physicians, and gastroenterologists. I have heard mixed things about the two main pediatric offices, PAS and CCP so any additional insight would be helpful! In regard to an OB, I do not plan on having anymore children but want to make sure I’m going to a great doctor.


    • Before I got pregnant I saw Dr. Allison at Saratoga GYN. I absolutely love her. That office does not provide obstetrics care, however, so I am at Myrtle for all my prenatal care.

  13. I’m new to Saratoga too. I found myself in a bind scrambling for a school physical for my ten yr old. I found Urgent Care of Southern Saratoga. Walk-in, out-of-pocket, but an awesome last minute fix.

  14. Meagan Ives says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Pediatrics Associates of Saratoga allows the spreading out of vaccinations?

  15. Hi! Going to be spending a few months this summer in Saratoga with my 2 1/2 year old & 2 month old. We are coming from out of the country & our insurance will only cover us for emergency care. This is fine- just would like a good ped office who will allow out of pocket appointment care for newborn & rambunctious toddler! Thanks! Amy
    We are also looking for swim lessons for toddler if anyone has a recommendation!

  16. Can anyone make any UP-TO-DATE recommendations of a great pediatrician in Saratoga County? Are there any great Private Practices? This has been quite a struggle.


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  18. My daughter sees Dr. Mitta at Community Care Pediatrics of Clifton Park and Dr. Turrittin at The Smile Lodge Pediatric Dentistry.

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