10 Classy Halloween Decorations


When we were in Ohio this past weekend, I kept seeing huge billboards for ‘Haunted Hoochie’.  I assumed it was where college girls shopped for their sexy costumes, but evidently it’s actually a major haunted house theme show.  Maybe it was the “hoochie” in the name that threw me off.  Either way, it got me thinking about Halloween of course, and halloween decorations.

Is it possible to have a classy Halloween?  I absolutely think so!  It’s easy to go over-the-top, but you can still have fun while keeping things simple, and not frightening.  I’ve rounded up my ten favorite Halloween ideas that are classy, unique and in some cases even elegant.

Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas

10 Classy Halloween Decorations

I hope you’re inspired to deck the halls this year for Halloween!

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