10 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


We have rounded up 10 easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids!  Just like our Halloween crafts, most of these can be made with things you have around the house already or the materials are really easy to find. Be sure to stay tuned later this week for a guest post from Melissa Brown, from Styled by Melissa, that incorporates some of these crafts into a beautiful children’s table for Thanksgiving!

If you try any of these projects feel free to share pictures! We would love to see what your child creates!

10 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Colorful Turkey

  • Here is one way, from the Jollymom blog, to use your childs hand and footprint to create a colorful turkey that can be used as a decoration and keepsake.
  • While the Mindbites blog has several crafts listed, my favorite was the woven placement. All you need are some sheets of foam that can be found at any craft store and scissors.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Placemat
  • Want to do something creative with your infant, but sure what? Make a turkey handprint! I’m planning on doing this with my son for his first Thanksgiving.  One version of this can be found at the PrudentBaby.com and another idea can be found at Kaboose.com.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Turkeys
  • Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thankful TreeOne way you can get your children thinking about what they are thankful for is to create a thankful-tree, while there are many versions of this craft, one can be found here at Spoonful.com
  • One way you can get your children thinking about what they are thankful for is to create a thankful-tree, while there are many versions of this craft, one can be found here at Spoonful.com. Another resource from Spoonful.com is printable decorations.
    You’ll find decorations for the table, such as place cards and napkin holders and some printable leaves that could be used on a thankful tree.  Kids can create a tin can turkey to hold drawing utensils or treats from Kaboose.com
Tin Can Turkey
  • These cute paper cup turkeys can be found at Kaboose.com. Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Paper cup turkeys
  • Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Toilet paper turkeyWe’re all about turkey’s in this edition of Thanksgiving crafts for kids! Here another one from All Kids Network that kids can make out of a toilet-paper roll. 
  • Here is another project to get kids thinking about what they are thankful for and create a decoration at the same time from Spoonful.com
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Garland
  • Kaboose.com has directions for how to create beautiful stained glass window art that kids can make with your help, using crayons and wax paper.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Stained Glass

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Paper Snack cone turkey

Our last Thanksgiving craft comes from Melissa, at Styled by Melissa.  To keep the little ones belly’s from grumbling before dinner time place this cute turkey on their craft table and let them snack as they go!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids:  DIY Paper Snack Cone Turkey!

Supplies Needed

Giant Pine cone ( You can find them at some Garden Centers)
Template, Print and cut each item out
1 page each of scrapbook paper in red, orange, yellow, and brown
1 pair of googly eyes
Hot glue gun

  1. Print included template and cut each individual item, trace onto scrapbook paper and assemble each item.  I made three of each color tail feather.
  2. To assemble the tail feather, once cut roll into a cone shape and hot glue or use a strong tape to close.
  3. Attach eyes, beak, and wattle onto the turkey face and glue onto the back of the pine cone.  Insert the snack cones between the scales.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Cone Turkey Tutorial

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Cone Turkey

Done!  Fill the cones with some yummy snacks, like goldfish crackers, dried cranberries, pretzels, popcorn, carrot and celery sticks, and watch the kiddos “gobble” them down!

You can find more pictures of the process here.

We hope you enjoy some of these Thanksgiving crafts with your family! We would love to see the finish projects, feel free to share them on our Facebook page!

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