10 Things to do Before School Gets Out


In typical upstate New York fashion we went straight from winter to summer. Fortunately for us Mother Nature may think it is summer but it is actually still spring and most children have a few weeks of school left before summer vacation officially begins. I love summer and having my kids around but the truth is once children are mobile and able to form a complete sentence, summer becomes all about having fun leaving very little time to do much else. Now is the time to wrap up whatever chores, long term projects, and necessary appointments are hanging over your head and enjoy a few moments of quiet freedom because the school bells are about to ring out the school year and summer will officially begin.

10 Things to do Before School Gets Out

  1. shopping-cart-728408_1280Create an online grocery list at one of the grocery stores that deliver or offer pick up. The initial list can take an hour or more to create but once it is made each time you order it will get easier. If you have kids you totally understand why having the bulk of your groceries delivered or ready for pickup is an amazing concept and will make your summer much more enjoyable.
  2. Take a morning to veg out on the couch catching up on some of your many DVR’d shows. Once the kids are home you will most likely not be watching The Real Housewives or Game of Thrones at 10:00 am.
  3. TargetGo shopping by yourself. Enjoy walking through the aisles without being distracted by whatever trouble your children may be getting into. If you need new summer clothes now is the time to shop for yourself too. For some great swimwear and cover up ideas check out the fashion section in the latest SaratogaMama magazine!
  4. Try to fit in whatever annual appointments are necessary before the kids will be home or at least schedule them now so you can choose an appointment based on when your children are in camp. Have you ever taken children to your OBGYN appointment?
  5. The Strand Saratoga

    The Strand in Saratoga

    Get your hair cut, colored, highlighted, straightened, curled, or whatever else you do on a regular basis. Another appointment that is more relaxing without your children climbing on the chairs or fighting over who gets to use your iPhone.

  6. Meet a friend for breakfast or lunch and enjoy some uninterrupted conversation; it may be a while before that can happen again.
  7. Figure out a schedule for the summer. When will you squeeze in a workout, chores, work, etc. For those of us who are lucky enough to have a flexible summer schedule it is still important to find a routine that works otherwise you will end up feeling more stressed out than relaxed.
  8. Take another day and veg in front of the television. There is no way one morning would be enough to catch up on all those shows!
  9. Online Bill PayBill paying made easier.  If you do not already have auto-pay set up for your bills do so OR mark bill due dates clearly on your calendar. It is amazing how easy it is to forget things like paying your Target bill when you are so focused on having fun with the kids.
  10. Pack a pool bag with sunscreen, toys, goggles, and clean towels. When that first day of vacation comes and your kids are ready to go you do not want to be digging through the closet trying to find your flip flops.

For a list of more great summer beach bag essentials check out the Summer Wish List in our latest edition of SaratogaMama!Summer Wish List

Summer is about taking your time, enjoying the weather, and making memories at the many wonderful parks, pools, beaches, and special events that come to life in upstate New York during this very special but short season. Make the most of your kid free time now so you can enjoy time with your kids all summer long!

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