Snow Day Fun: Ideas for kids!


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Living in the Northeast, it’s inevitable that we will get snow; and sometimes, lots of it!  I grew up in this area and remember being a kid and watching TV as the list of school closings and delays scrolled along the bottom of the screen.  It was the best feeling in the world seeing your school pop up as being “closed”!

A snow day can wreak havoc on more than just road conditions.  Parents often have to alter their schedules, find alternate care, take time off of work or rearrange their day.  If you find yourself home with the kids this winter, you may also wonder what you can do to pass the time.  With a little planning and creativity, the time will fly by.  Here are some fun ideas for kids of all ages!

#1 – A secret book stash
If you hear about a big snow storm heading our way, take a trip to your local library and check out a few books for your kids.  When the snow day comes, you’ll be prepared with some reading material to keep them busy!

#2 – In-home spa in the tub!
If your household is like mine, bath time is all business.  I don’t give my kids much time at all to linger and relax.  Wash, rinse, and done.  Change the rules on a snow day!  When the kids come inside from playing in the snow, let them enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath.  Pull out some bath toys and fun things such as these bath crayons from Alex.  Let them be creative and wash them right off with water.  These sell for under $5 and can be purchased at G. Willikers in Saratoga Springs.  Other interesting bath items are foam shaving cream, water balloons and bubbles.

Card Making Supplies#3 – Greeting Card Central
A snow day is the perfect opportunity to pull out the craft basket and let the kids make holiday cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, gift tags and so on.  Items such as rubber stamps, paper punches, colored pencils, scrapbook pages, and even used cards or magazine pages are all awesome art supplies to have on hand.

#4 – Creative play
Encourage your kids to use household objects to build a fort or play house.  Items like recycling bins, storage tubs, blankets, and pillows can all be building materials for an indoor fort.

#6 – Get busy in the kitchen!
Every household with kids needs a good kids cookbook on hand.  I love Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Cool Kids’ Cooking, list price $16.95.  The recipes are easy enough for kids to help prepare and most of them use ingredients that are commonly found in any pantry.

#7 – Recycled Muffin-tin CrayonsMuffin Tin Crayons
Gather your old broken crayons and take the paper off.  Spray a muffin tin or mini muffin tin with vegetable spray and place the crayon pieces into the cups.  Place the muffin tin full of crayons into a preheated oven at 275 degrees F.  Bake them for about 7-8 minutes.  While hot, you can stir them with a toothpick to make swirls or leave them as-is.  Let cool completely, then use your new crayon creations!

#8 – Back to basics
Don’t underestimate the fun of puzzles and games!  Not only are they great activities to pass the time, they can be fun and educational.  My new favorite game is called Spot It.  It’s a new twist on a matching game and is fun to play and easy for kids to learn.  The best part is that adults even enjoy this game!  It sells for $12.95 and can be purchased at G. Willikers in Saratoga Springs.  Use your next snow day to teach your kids old favorites like jacks, marbles, Old Maid, or Uno!

TV and video games should be your last resort on a snow day. There’s so many fun and easy things to do with kids if you plan ahead and let your creativity flow!

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