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Island Mist TanningJennifer Near is a local mama of two and the owner of Island Mist Tanning, the area’s premier Organic Airbrush Tanning service.  Island Mist offers a USDA approved Organic, Alcohol-Free tanning solution.

Being fair-skinned, I’ve tried my share of sunless tanning products.  I never liked how they smelled, never liked the dozens of chemicals found inside, and was never fully satisfied with the results;  orange, streaky, uneven.

Jenn assured me that Island Mist Tanning was different, better and safe.  The more I learned about Island Mist Tanning, the more convinced I was to try it out.  I’m a good sport, and I really wanted to share my experience with you all, because I know many of you are also interested in sunless tanning.

My Island Mist Experience

Island Mist Tanning on the go

Island Mist Tanning tent goes anywhere for mobile tanning!

Last week, Jenn came to my house in the evening to apply my Island Mist Tanning spray tan.  I was instructed to shower and gently exfoliate about an hour before the tan and to not apply any lotion.  My skin was dry, makeup and lotion free.  I chose to wear a bathing suit for my tan, but you can choose how much or as little as you want to expose.  I was very self-conscious at first, but after meeting and chatting with Jenn, she is the most easy going person and I felt completely at ease.

Jenn set up her tent in my living room and we chatted briefly about the color and shade of tan I wanted.  I told her I wanted to see a difference, but not be Snooki dark.  The tan took about five minutes to apply.  It dried almost immediately, and I was able to put on loose-fitting clothing right away.

The results?

Island Mist Tanning Before and After

My tan is perfect!  Noticeable, but not overly so and gives me a nice healthy glow as you can see from my pictures.  It isn’t streaky, doesn’t smell, is not orange at all, makes my skin soft, and gives me a perfect all over color.

After Island Mist Tanning

After Island Mist Tanning

The Island Mist Tanning website has a whole page which explains the before/after care.  It’s advised to have the tan applied at night because you can’t get wet for about 6-8 hours.  The other cool thing about Island Mist Tanning is that they offer an entire line of after tan products including lotions, body wash, bronzers, and more.

Would I do it again?

I’m thrilled with my tan!  This was by far the best sunless tanning experience and I will be booking another tan soon.  Think wedding, beach vacation, event, or just to give you a nice boost of color heading into the spring and summer months!

Find out more about Island Mist Tanning!

Try either of their locations or  experience an organic airbrush tan in the comfort of your own home!

  • On The Avenue Salon – 231 Vley Rd, Scotia, (518) 836-4639
  • The Color Bar Hair Studio – 2727 Hamburg St # 1, Schenectady, (518) 355-2750

Pricing: Full body tan is $35, or $45 for a mobile tan.  Host a tan party for 6 or more people and SAVE!  Save $ with the SaratogaMama Coupon!

Visit Island Mist Tanning online for all the info!

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