Business Profile: Willing Beauty + XO Lip Oil Giveaway!


I recently started a new venture and I wanted to share it with you all. I stumbled upon a brand new company called Willing Beauty a little over a month ago while searching for safe skincare for tweens (and like all internet searches, ended up finding something for me too!) What I found was a line of skincare safe for tweens/teens called Willa along with a line of skincare for adults called Willing Beauty. After spending some time researching the products up and down, I decided to dive in and start a Willing Beauty business of my own. While I am entrepreneurial by nature, I am not very salesy so this social marketing thing kind of terrified me. However, when you find great products that you love, sharing is easy! Earning a little money on the side is even sweeter.

Here’s What I LOVE about Willing Beauty and Willa:

  • Willing Beauty offers products that are safe, non-toxic, paraben-free, chemical-free , cruelty-free.
  • The products are priced more affordably than Rodan+Fields and BeautyCounter.
  • It’s a simple product line that I know will be expanding offering more choices in the very near future, but for now, only 17 products to learn!
  • The Willa skincare line is geared specifically for tweens and teens and/or acne-prone skin which is fantastic.
  • It’s a social sharing business so if you love being on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you can do well with this business!
  • It’s low risk. Enrollment kits start at $148 and include a LOT of product.
  • Willing Beauty was started by two mother/daughter teams that were on a mission to find skincare that was both safe and effective.

Wanna join me?

I’m looking for a few good mama’s to join me and start their own Willing Beauty business. It’s a unique ground-floor opportunity because I am the first beauty advisor in this area so the sky is the limit! I would truly love to work with you, to help, mentor, train, or support in any way I can so we BOTH can earn some extra dough and transform some lives (and skin!) together. Email me and we’ll set up a time to meet for coffee or talk on the phone!

Live life better as the boss by sharing products that deliver real results.

As a ‘thank you’ for reading, here’s a chance to win a Willing Beauty XO Coconut Lip Oil (one of my personal favorite products!)

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  1. Seeing it is winter I have to say dry skin. Yesterday I got out of the shower and was wowed at how dry my face is. I have sensitive skin so I can not use moisturizer too much as I break out like a teen.

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