Cirque Du Soleil OVO is coming to Times Union Center!


Cirque du Soleil shows are truly spectacular. If you’ve never had the chance to see a cirque show, you’re in luck because Cirque Du Soleil OVO is coming to the Times Union Center in Albany – January 29 – February 2 2020!

OVO is an extremely family-friendly show that brings insects and their lifecycle to the stage in a magnificent feast for the eyes. The word “ovo” means egg in Portuguese and the show is the first Cirque show that captures a day in the life of a community of insects.

Here are some other fun facts about Cirque Du Soleil OVO:

  • OVO stars 52 performers and over 100 people in the cast and crew combined – all from 25 different countries
  • There are 17 different types of insects represented in the show (Crickets, scarabs, butterflies, red ants, fleas, firefly, silver spider, dragonfly, black spider, red spider, white spider, fly, ladybug, beetle, cockroaches, mosquito, wood insects)
  • There are over 10 circus disciplines in the show. (Foot juggling & icarian games, hand balancing, aerial silk, aerial straps, russian cradle, contortion, diabolo, acro sport, slackwire, trampoline & tumbling and our Creatura, which is actually a manipulation act)
  • To create the musical score for OVO, Berna Ceppas combined the sounds of bossa nova and samba with funk and electro music and sampled actual insect sounds to create some of the music!
  • The show starts with a gigantic Egg on stage. This Egg, which is inflatable, measures 28 ft wide by 22 ft tall.
  • Projections were added to the arena version of the show. It took over 40 days of shooting of a miniature forest. The forest was built from real plants and represented a miniature world
  • In the backstage area, there is a big structure we call the ‘Jungle Gym’. It is a structure made of trusses in which most of the acrobatic act of the show can be rehearsed.
  • Over 100 moving lights are used in the show.

Fun Facts about the Artists of Cirque Du Soleil OVO

  • A lot of our performers were professional athletes before working at Cirque du Soleil. 2 of our crickets were competing against each other in several Tumbling World Championship – in 2 different national tumbling teams. They now have to share the stage in a same group act 7 shows a week!
  • Qiu Jiangming – our Silver Spider doing Slackwire – grew up in a traditional circus family. Not only were his father and grandfather were circus performers but his mother is currently his coach traveling with him on tour.
  • Ariunsanaa Bataa – our White Spider performing contortion in the show – grew up in a traditional circus family. Her father was a circus performer. When she was a child, he told her that she was too tall to become a contortionist. She is now one of the best in the world!
  • 2 Olympians are part of the OVO cast. Olga Shcherbatykh competed gymnastic in Athens in 2004 and Nansy Damianova in Beijing in 2008.
  • There are 2 big group acts in the show – the Russian Cradle Act and the Wall Act (combining trampoline & tumbling) – and these 2 acts require a lot of training time on stage. These 2 acts usually have 1h training on stage, 3 to 4 times a week.

Don’t Miss Cirque Du Soleil OVO at the Times Union Center January 29 – Feb 2, 2020!

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