Does Makeup Overwhelm You? Tips + a Giveaway from Moxie!

This post was written by Brandon Dewyea, Apparel Stylist of Moxie

I love Makeup. I find it fascinating that through colors and techniques you can create so many different looks as well as enhance your own personal features.

However, I was also never properly taught as a teen/young adult just how exactly to wear makeup to compliment ME. I stumbled through much of my adult life dabbling here and there. Sometimes it worked out and other times – not so much.

And I know I am not alone. Many women feel overwhelmed when it comes to makeup. We can quickly fall prey to spending a small fortune on the latest and greatest and hope for the best. As my 41st birthday strolled on by, I decided to set the time aside to meet with a MakeUp Artist.. I found myself at a crossroad. I have tons of fun makeup – pretty colors, snazzy brushes and I was using very little of it. Why? Because my confidence and patience to explore was next to nill. I knew I had some things figured out but in many ways I felt I didn’t know where to begin.

The day approached and off I went with my notepad and makeup box. My time with makeup artist, Jenn Dugan, owner of The Makeup Curio was refreshing! I loved being able to ask her questions and learn step by step where to put what and why. She took the time to explain to me about my personal bone structure and I quickly found understanding the placement of products made so much more sense! She showed me time saving tips, went at a pace that gave me space to “get it” and gave me a ton of great suggestions from products and feedback on items I already owned. The best part is she didn’t try to push anything on me. From product to technique she listened to me and honored my needs. I drove away feeling excited and headed straight home to play! With my one appointment, I was able to feel confident enough to run through six different eye looks. I finally could see what I was doing before that left me feeling hesitant and uninspired.

For me, I am thankful to be at a place in my life where I don’t feel I have to wear makeup to feel comfortable or confident. I like the luxury of honoring my individuality and mood for the day. Taking what really was a small amount of time in the big picture, gave me so much enjoyment! Jenn unleashed my creative side which in some ways had been dormant. I know many feel they have lost a part of themselves for a variety of reasons and it can be hard to find your way.

We as women do not always feel we are able to take the space for just us. There is often a lot of guilt that can bubble up and it can be pretty hard to set time aside when our “list” feels like it’s never ending. Taking the time for ourselves can for many, feel like learning a new habit. And yet, more often than not, it is far more rewarding to sometimes pause, ask for help and get back to doing our lives adding in theses little improvements and sharpening our skills as we go. This leads to a boost in confidence and supports us continuing to grow – not to mention, have fun!

Working as an Apparel Stylist, we tend to talk about everything for our time together is one of a personal nature. From clothing, to hairstyles to makeup – it all usually comes up at some point. So I know all too well how many women are challenged with their makeup routine and have questions galore. Therefore, I wanted to catch up with Jenn and ask her some advice on some common concerns among women.

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Q&A with Makeup Artist Jenn Dugan

Q: What are two makeup steps you feel women do often that work against them?

A: I are often find women are wearing the wrong color for their skin in concealer and foundation. Our skin can change with the seasons and age so having the proper lighting and skill when selecting these colors makes a huge difference.

Eye liner application would be a strong second. Many women apply liner on the bottom lash. This is not only a dated look, it can also make your eyes look smaller. Learning how to apply liner and exploring what type of liner for your lifestyle, desired look and eye shape can do wonders.

Q: It seems that there are so many tools on the market for applying makeup. I know for some tools it is wise to take note of the quality. Is there one type of tool/brush you would suggest not skimping on?

A: Make sure the foundation brush is a good quality.  It needs to have durability as foundation tends to be the heaviest of products that get applied. Eye shadow brushes however you can get away with saving a bit for they come in so many handle/bristle/size combinations that you can have 5 different ones!

Q: What do you find age women the quickest when it comes to skincare and makeup?

A: Whether or not a woman wears makeup or goes without, there are some steps that make a very big difference when it comes to aging. These suggestions also really effect how makeup can look on our skin. You may be applying a great makeup but if your skin is compromised, it can make a difference.

  • Each day we do not wash the face, we can add up to ten days of aging. Therefore, washing the face each evening is important – even if you don’t wear a spec of makeup. 
  • Using a bar soap to wash the face. This can be very drying on the face (even if the skin does not appear dry)
  • Not wearing an SPF daily can greatly affect our skin longer term. And yes, even living in the Northeast on overcast days, one should still consider applying sunscreen. 
  • Consuming too little water each day. Drinking enough plain water daily, feeds the skin. It detoxes the system, allowing the skin to look healthier and brighter. It also enables less fine lines to show.

Q: What advice would you have for someone who does not wear makeup but wants to look her best? And, what would you suggest to the woman who has been doing the same regimen for makeup/skincare for over a decade?

A: One step a person can take that makes a very big difference is spending some time grooming the eyebrows. The reason is this can open up the face/eyes and give an instant lift. However, this does not mean heading straight to your bathroom mirror and going to town on waxing or tweezing. Much like you would not just pick up kitchen scissors and expect a well measured at home haircut without a bit of direction and skillset, eyebrows are no different. It will save a person time and money to meet with a skilled professional and learn about their options. Perhaps let’s say, they are someone that tweezed or waxed years ago and are dealing with uneven brows. It would be supportive for them to understand and learn what steps from the professional they can take at home to achieve the desired look.

I have found more often than not that a woman who wishes not to wear makeup usually feels this way because she is thinking it will require many steps, a lot of time/ money and make her skin look too “made up”. Let me be clear that I fully respect anyone who wishes to not wear makeup. Wearing makeup is a choice and it’s not for everyone. For the ladies who are shying away from makeup for any of the above reasons, I would say that a few simple tools and steps can enhance a lovely natural appearance, provide an even look to the skin and can cost very little. In under five minutes a woman can accomplish a refreshed look with very little product and steps.

Much like many routine tasks for our bodies/home/car etc. it is wise to take stock every so often and asses what is working and what could perhaps use a tweak. Our skincare and makeup regimen are no exception. Our skin changes for a variety of reasons and our needs change. What we did for our skin 10 years ago may not be helping us to look and feel our best now. We all wish to look and age to the best of our ability. Therefore, be it a woman who wishes to keep things more natural but open to potentially learning some simple tricks, to the woman who’s still strutting her makeup routine since high school – I highly suggest taking the time to meet with a professional.

This time together can provide so much insight to the client for they can understand about their personal facial features, skin type and coloring. They can also learn great techniques and tricks as well as get clarity on their personal products and tools. Once an individual understands how to apply makeup for their personal face, they will feel more confident to explore, have some clear direction and feel excited knowing they look their best! 

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