Baby & Me Reiki

January 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hannah's Healing Wellness Studio
61 Rowland St
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Nicole Schaffer
Baby & Me Reiki @ Hannah's Healing Wellness Studio | Ballston Spa | New York | United States

Reiki is a very gentle, safe and soothing energy therapy for babies and children. Just as we hold our stomachs when we have a tummy ache, hold our heads during a headache, or rub a bump or bruise, we naturally want to use our hands to increase the energy and provide healing at specific spots. Children are especially sensitive to this healing energy and respond quickly to it.

Babies and children are like sponges for energy healing and Reiki is particularly calming to their developing nervous systems. Babies come into this world like blank canvasses and have no context for their new and sometimes scary experiences. Babies are entirely positive energy, but continuous anxiety and stress can affect growth and development. Reiki is a wonderful way to counteract fussiness, sleep issues and even failure to thrive. Reiki sessions with children are generally shorter as children more readily absorb energy and their smaller bodies receive more reiki faster from our hands than adults generally do.

This class is an introduction to the Baby & Me Reiki series and allows participants to discover Reiki and ways it can be applied to parenting and caring for babies and children. New parents, grandparents, caregivers or those simply interested in learning ways to care more holistically for child(ren) will:

-Learn how Reiki can help when your child is sick, colicky, teething, or just not feeling great
-Discover calming techniques for your baby or toddler dealing with big emotions
-Experience more peace as a new parent as your child relaxes and quiets (babies are especially receptive to parental emotion!)
-Learn tips and tricks for mindful parenting and taking care of YOU
-Enhance self-awareness and self-esteem as children grow, and as a parent yourself
-Connect with other parents and caregivers interested in energy healing and holistic therapies

Please note, although hand positions may be demonstrated, this class does not provide Reiki attunements. Participants can also register to take Reiki Level 1 if interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner and continuing the Baby & Me Reiki series.

Investment/Cost: $30

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