Fashion Files: Keeping Your Head Warm Without Compromising Your Hairstyle


By: Brandon Dewyea Apparel Stylist For Men, Women and Teens

It’s a challenge we all are faced with at some point in our lives. Knowing the top of our head is our biggest heat source, it’s worth it to explore what can be done about what often feels like an annoyance.

What are some ways to keep the head warm and still rock your locks?

A Wrap

Consider using what can appear like a warm and cozy infinity scarf. This can double as a “cover” over your head. Or, be enjoyed around your neck. You may even like to play with a blanket scarf by doing the following: Wear your jacket of choice and zip/button up. Then, place the middle of the scarf at the top of your head (you will want some of your hair visible). Pull the rest of the full scarf up towards your shoulders so at least part of your arms are visible (having it across the upper back is fine) Then, wrap one side across the body draping over the opposing shoulder. You can experiment with how covered you wish to be and how tight you want to be “wrapped”. You will want to have enough material over the one shoulder so it won’t feel like it’s slipping. I just suggest making sure at least some of your arms/body is visible. Not only does this may it easier to maneuver it also prevents your shape getting lost.

Ear Mitts, Muffs and Headwraps

Thankfully, ear muffs have come a LONG way and are far more interesting today. From faux fur to creative crystals, you simple can’t go wrong! You might also enjoy what is called an Ear Mitt. This consists of two pieces which are place over the ear, stay in place and avoid compromising your hair at all. And don’t forget about the HeadWrap!

A headwrap is my personal favorite for a hairstyle can be worked in be it up or down, they tend not to itch and are great for when you are going in and out of varied temperatures.

Consider these handmade options of Annie’s Originals, sold locally at Simplicity Salon in Saratoga. There is a lot to be said for supporting a local business AND having one of a kind style. Here’s a photo of creator Annie Fitzgerald and Cindy McArdle, of Simplicity Salon showing off some of their favs from her extensive collection of varied options!


A beanie, many find is the ultimate solution for your full head can be covered and your style honored. One way to ensure your hair does not creep to a flat state is to have the inner lining be one of suede, cashmere, satin or silk. You might even like to try out one which has a place for your bun or ponytail to be set free and shown off.


Some Additional Tips And Tricks For Great Hat Days

  • No matter what solution you land on you are sure to cross paths with a fair amount of static this time of year. Consider keeping a travel size with you (because let’s be honest, static finds us more than we’d like). A favorite pic is Static Solution by Launderess. This may be found locally at Torso Lingerie in Ballston Spa,  or online. Too much fuss? Keep a dryer sheet in your purse and run it over your head before topping off with your hat.
  • A dry shampoo is a gals best friend. Not only will it do wonders between washes, but when you apply it before adding in a hat etc. it will allow you to hold onto some extra body.
  • However you normally decide to part your hair, try parting on the opposite side. Then, flip your hair over to the opposing side and place your hat on. When you remove your hat, shake out your hair and you’ll be left with some lovely desired body.

Cheers to embracing winter days while looking and feeling our best!


By: Brandon Dewyea owner of Moxie

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  1. I love Brandy’s fashion tips!! I have been following her for a few years, and I have utilized several of her “how to’s”! She is amazing, especially with empowering people to look and feel their best!

  2. Brandon always has such wonderful ideas on how to wear our clothes to are best advantage. The above is one more example of how spot on she is about what concerns us. I do wear sparkly ear muffs..can’t stand anything that squashes my hair. But will definitely be trying the scarf idea!

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