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I like to support local, I enjoy a mid-day caffeine boost, I need to be watching my calorie intake, I definitely should be drinking more water.  Element Caffeinated Water addresses each one of those needs and I’m excited to be able to share this awesome product with you.

Element Caffeinated WaterWith three simple purified ingredients and zero calories, Element Caffeinated Water is my new go-to beverage.  With only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or diet soda, Element won’t make you jittery like a typical energy drink or that crazy five-hour energy.  Just a natural pick-me-up that we could all benefit from!  The caffeine in Element is colorless and tasteless and is extracted from green coffee beans.

In addition to the natural caffeine ‘motivation’ Element contains purified theanine which is found in green tea leaves.  We all know the health benefits of green tea but I’m happier drinking hydrating water over green tea any day.  Studies show that theanine enhances focus, concentration and cognitive performance when combined with caffeine.  Check out this article on caffeine in theanine.

I’ve enjoyed sampling Element Caffeinated Water.  I’m a mid-day coffee drinker.  I drink my coffee sweet = lots of added sugar and calories.  If I replaced my afternoon coffee with Element Water, I’d probably save at least 100 calories a day.  The best part is that Element tastes just like water, comes in a cool ergonomic bottle and is refreshing AND beneficial.  Two thumbs up from this sleep-deprived working mama!

You can find Element in your nearby Price Chopper, Gaffney’s, Spring Street Deli, Hungry Spot Cafe, Irish Times, West Ave Mobil Mart, and various other locations on this map.
Enter to win a case of Element!
This Giveaway has ended.  Thanks to all who entered!

Enter to win a full case (24 bottles) of Element Caffeinated Water to help get you through the holidays!

Here’s how to enter:

1 EntryTell us when you think you’ll most need to drink Element this holiday season (for me, definitely during gift wrapping!)

1 Entry‘Like’ both Element and SaratogaMama on Facebook and comment here that you do

1 Entry Find and tell us the store closest to you where you can buy Element.


Element WaterContest ends at 10pmEST on Monday, November 28th.  Winner will be selected using Random.org and will be notified via email.  Case will be local pickup only, no delivery option available.

All info is at www.drinkelement.com  and check them out on Facebook.

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  1. I will need my boost of caffeine after Thanksgiving feast, before and after the amazing Black Friday shopping! Then more element water for all the gift wrapping and present shipping I have to do this holiday season! I love that element is now at price chopper and at the beverage center by ace hardware and of course the only place I could find it when it first came out the Hungry Spot.

  2. I first thought this product would make me jittery like a strong coffee, but I feel really good after drinking element and so excited such a new product is from little Saratoga. I get it at On The Run Mobile near my house on Circular St or when I’m shopping at Price Chopper. Thanks for the giveaway on a great product.

  3. I am a teacher so I will need to drink it after work. The kids in my class are so wound up because they are excited about the upcoming holiday. I need the burst of caffeine before I head home to my own ecxcited and wound up children! I can purchase Element at the hungry spot and I have “liked” both pages.

  4. OK I Liked both pages, and knew enough to keep looking when I accidentally landed on what apparently is a ripoff website Facebook page with a similar sounding name as yours – is that a Mannix site?? OK, I will need this wonderful water to get some thirst quenched and needed energy when my wife makes me drive to Moreau next week in what will likely be a blizzard to saw away at some poor tree at a cut-your-own-Christmas-Tree-farm, even though we have a perfectly fine artificial tree taking up space in the basement. Bah, Humbug! I mean “Happy Holidays”! C’mon Colleen, I’m an old Toastmasters friend and I dissed the ripoff site – can I win the prize?????

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