Guide to Essential Oils for Babies and Kids


Our family has realized the benefits of using essential oils in a variety of ways. Here’s a quick visual guide to give you a bit more info on how to incorporate essential oils into your family wellness routine. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products featured here or learning more, email me, or follow this link for info on purchasing an essential oils starter kit.

A Quick {Visual} Guide to Essential Oils for Babies and Kids

Make a chest rub to support the respiratory system. For ages 2+, add two drops of RC and two drops of Lemon to 2 tbsp. of coconut oil and apply to chest, back and neck.



Relax little bodies with SleepyIze or Gentle Baby in the diffuser for a good night’s rest. Rub Seedlings calming baby oil on back, chest or feet. Little bodies need lots of sleep when they are feeling run down!


Cool down with a few drops of Lavender in the bath or on a cool towel to put on forehead or back of neck. Rub down spine with coconut oil and a drop of Frankincense & give lots of extra snuggles.


Make a Thieves roller based on dilution ratios per age (example would be 1 drop of Thieves to 30 drops of v-6 or carrier oil for age two), roll on bottoms of feet all throughout the day. In a regular rollerball, we would typically do 4-6 drops of Thieves and top with a carrier oil for 2-5 year olds, and only 2-3 drops if 6 months to two years.



To help even the littlest of babies relax, apply a drop of Gentle Baby to blankets or bed sheets. Put a drop on your hands & rub on bottoms of babies feet or diffuse!


Essential oils have become a big part of our life and family culture and I wanted to share more about our journey here!


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