Hamilton Fans, You Must Visit Schuyler Mansion in Albany!


It would be an understatement to say my kids were obsessed with the musical Hamilton. They’ve listened to the soundtrack over and over to the point that they’ve nearly memorized every word.

It has served to bring history alive in our house and we’ve had numerous discussions and debates about Alexander Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Washington, and of course the Schuyler Sisters. *I relied heavily on Wikipedia and other sources to get my ‘founding father’ facts straight. To take our research a step further,

Robby and I took the Hamilton tour at Schuyler MansionI took Robby on a tour of the Schuyler Mansion in Albany, Philip J. Schyuler’s residence from 1733 – 1804. I had no intent of even writing about it here, but it was such a wonderful experience that I could not help but share it.

Our Visit to the Schuyler Mansion

Throughout the Schuyler family occupancy from 1763-1804, the mansion was the site of military strategizing, political hobnobbing, elegant social affairs, and an active family life. The wedding of daughter Elizabeth Schuyler to Alexander Hamilton took place in the house in 1780.

Robby and I decided to take a ‘Hamilton’ focus tour last Saturday at 11am. This was a small guided tour through the mansion and grounds and lasted approximately an hour and a half. Our tour guide Jessie was fabulous! She was engaging, entertaining, extremely knowledgeable and seemed to adore everything about the mansion and its history.

Hamilton Tour at Schuyler Mansion

We learned about how the mansion operated, the lifestyle of the mansion occupants and their customs and traditions. We read snippets of letters from Hamilton to Eliza, saw the room in the mansion where the two were married (room with piano in above photo), explored where Hamilton and Burr once studied for their Bar exams, and Robby’s favorite, touching the houses original banister that was likely touched by Hamilton, Washington, and all the Schuyler’s.

Hamilton Tour at Schuyler Mansion 2

Overall, our tour and visit to the Schuyler Mansion was an excellent experience. Educational, entertaining, and totally worth the visit – and the $5 admission (kids 12 and under are free!). I’d recommend this tour to any families who are fans of the show Hamilton, or want to experience some interesting history in our own backyard. Kids under 7 or those that would have trouble being patient enough for an hour+ walking tour should probably hold off.

GO! Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site

32 Catherine St, Albany, New York
(518) 434-0834
During the winter months, Schuyler Mansion will be offering focus tours on Thursday and Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Call ahead to reserve. Currently they are offering a Hamilton focus tour and a Women of the Mansion focus tour. 

$5.00 Adults
$4.00 Senior / Student
Children Free (12 and under)


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