How Fab is Fabletics? Let Me Tell You!


fableticslogoConsider yourself lucky if you’ve never been tempted by Fabletics; the athletic wear company started by Kate Hudson.  Gorgeous women in trendy workout apparel and the promise of your first outfit for just $25 is enough to pique even the most savvy online shopper.  Because I work out several times a week, I can easily justify the purchase of workout apparel and just couldn’t resist Fabletics.  I know many of you are being tempted and lured in by Fabletics so I took the plunge and wanted to share my experience!

My first fabletics orderFabletics Shopping Experience

I found shopping on Fabletics quite easy.  I was able to find plenty of options in my sizes and I relied heavily on user reviews for sizing and feedback from “average” women.  I found more than enough styles and colors that I liked; in fact it was tough to narrow it down.  I’m confident that whatever it is you like to wear while working out Fabletics will have an option for you.  Capri pants, leggings, lounge wear, tanks, t-shirts, strappy bras, super supportive bras, and lots more in tons of styles and color options.

Fabletics ArrivedMy Fabletics Order

I ordered the Joshua Tree outfit (Rio Run Capris and the Oula Tank) plus the Vaasa bra in neon yellow.  I felt like my order took quite a while to arrive, (nearly a week and a half) but then again I’m used to things arriving in 3-4 days, so perhaps I’m spoiled by fast shipping.  Nevertheless, it did arrive and I ripped open that package fast!

My Fabletics Review

Vaasa Bra:

I didn’t do a great job of reading the reviews and description here.  Had I done so, I would have realized the bra had no padded support at all.  I prefer a little padding and a bit more support than the Vaasa bra provides, but I would wear it to a yoga class or lounging around.  The color is also a super bright neon yellow….yikes!  I feel the quality is good, and will definitely get some summer use out of this cute strappy-back bra.  Workout Approved?  Not for the higher impact activities that I enjoy, but possibly for a yoga class.

Fabletics CollageRio Run Capris:

I absolutely adore these capris.  The material is nice and thick with good compression.  They have a zip pocket on the back waistband and on the front inside waistband they have a small adjustable drawstring (not visible from the outside at all).  I think the pattern is really fun and the length on me was perfect.  I ordered an XS and they fit very true to size.  Workout Approved? They held up great in a Crossfit workout which included lots of burpees, weightlifting and squats.  They didn’t ride up or down or stretch out at all.  YES very much workout-approved.

Oula Tank:

This is a classic lightweight racerback tank that comes in a multitude of colors.   The Oula tank is seamless and breathable and has a really nice feel to it.  I again ordered an XS and found the tank to be a tad bit too long.  (I’m only 5’1 though).  Aside from the longer length, the fit overall was fine.   Workout Approved?  Definitely!  I’m going to love this tank for outdoor runs in the summer.  The bright color makes me happy!

How does Fabletics work?

There are two ways to shop: buying individual pieces at retail prices, OR join their VIP program and each month you’ll get shipped a new outfit for $49.95 which is about 40% off the retail price.  Keep in mind, in the VIP program you can skip any month or cancel anytime.  However, it’s up to you to actually go in and cancel or else you will get charged and shipped a new outfit.  I already have the dates on my calendar so I won’t forget to skip a month if needed.

Final Verdict…

I’m extremely happy with my first Fabletics outfit and I am eager to try some of the other items in their extensive apparel collection.  I won’t be skipping next month, but we shall see if the good fortune continues I still find value.  I’ll keep you posted!



I was not given any free merchandise from Fabletics for this review.  I used my own money for my purchases.  If you are interested in ordering and use my Fabletics link, I will receive $10 credit.  

So, are you convinced to try it too?

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