Keira Lemonis Photography Review and Holiday Session Giveaway


Keira LemonisI’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing local photographers; all of whom I recommend to friends.  This year, we chose Keira Lemonis Photography for our annual family photo session because I just fell in love with her unique and creative style.  Our family is colorful, in many ways and I think Keira did a fantastic job of capturing that!


I wanted this year’s photo’s to be different and a departure from the traditional.  The location we chose is a little shop on the outskirts of Saratoga called Stitches and Time which handmade furniture, antiques, and all sorts of vintage items.  It provided a neat backdrop because we had so much to work with; from barn doors, to furniture, grassy fields, and even a pond.  Keira had scouted the location and had the perfect ideas and suggestions as to where we should shoot.

During the Shoot

Keira did an excellent job directing us and suggesting how we should be situated, who should stand where, who should turn left, tilt right, etc.  I appreciate this kind of directing because it’s impossible to tell when your bra strap is exposed or your daughter is sitting spread-eagle. (we’ve all had those pictures!)  Even the shots when we were all posed, it never seemed stale.  Keira encouraged us to always interact with each other, tickle the kids, give a kiss on the cheek; not just stare at the camera.   She’s obviously had a lot of experience working with children (and has a daughter of her own) because she understood how flighty and impatient they can be and made it work!

Our Photos!

Soooo, here are some of my favorites!

Pierre Family 2

Pierre Family

A quick word on our clothes

Angie and RobbyI know I’ll probably get asked this question, so here goes!  Angie’s clothes are all Crewcuts (plus one white Ralph Lauren cardigan), and I purchased it all on ThredUp where I find amazing deals on very gently used kids clothing.  Robby’s white shirt is Tommy Hilfiger also purchased on ThredUp and his pants are Gap.  My cool green shirt is from Spoken Boutique in Saratoga (love that place!) and my pants are Forever 21.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keira Lemonis Photography to anyone and would be thrilled to be able to work with her again!

Now Booking: Holiday Mini Session on October 12th!

Keira teamed up with Melissa Brown from Styled  by Melissa who created this cool whimsical backdrop (see below) for the holiday mini photo session!  The mini session date is Saturday, October 12th.  For $100 you’ll get a 20 minute session and 10 edited digital images!  Spots are filling fast so book today!!  One lucky reader will WIN a spot!

Holiday Mini Session 2013

WIN a Mini Holiday Session from Keira Lemonis Photography!

Package includes a 20 minute photo session on October 12th (9am time slot only) and 10 edited digital images!  ($100 value)

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Keira Lemonis Photography offers on-location full sessions and mini sessions.  You choose the perfect location and let Keira handle the rest!  She also offers additional products such as birth announcements, cards, prints, wall canvases, albums, and more! 

Keira Lemonis Photography

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  1. I used to, but since moving and now having 2 kids, it just fell by the wayside. I would love to send out cards, but that takes more planning than I can manage sometimes.

  2. Yes, we always send out photo cards for the holidays (and any special occasion). It’s a great way to share our milestones and growth through the years with all of our family and loved ones.

  3. i started sending out photo holiday cards after our wedding and especially now that we have our beautiful little boy! it’s a great way for family and friends to “see” us every year 🙂

  4. cristi rittenhouse on

    Yes, we usually send holiday cards with a family picture or a picture of just the kids. Our family always loves them!

  5. I do normally send holiday family cards but this holiday will be a little different as it’s going to be just my son and I because my husband and I are in the process of getting a divorce so I hope we will have the money for it this year…..this would be a great wining prize!!!!

  6. Heather Nielsen on

    We always have a x-mas photo of our family sent out to our family and close friends! One of our favorite holiday traditions♡

  7. Samantha guerra on

    We love sending them for the holidays as well as receiving them. Our family is so spread out it gives a special warm greeting with pictures. ❤️❤️

  8. I look forward to getting your emails every weekend! In regards to the sending of holiday cards, I was hoping this year we would finally remember to send them out and this would guarantee it happening!!

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