Mother’s Day Giveaway 2014 – Shellac Manicure from Sanctuary Spa!


It’s pretty obvious we love mom’s here at SaratogaMama, so we wanted to give you lots of options to win something special for yourself this mother’s day!  All this week we’ll be sharing special giveaways from some of our local friends.  Photography, pampering, apparel, & more!

Wishing all of you amazing mama’s and soon-to-be mama’s a most happy mother’s day this year!

Prize #2 – Shellac Manicure from Sanctuary Spa!

Sanctuary Spa Mani

Shellac Manicure | Sanctuary Spa | Saratoga SpringsThere’s no better place in Saratoga to get pampered than Sanctuary Spa!  We’re pleased to give one lucky mama a Shellac Manicure at Sanctuary.  If you’ve never had gel or shellac before, it’s pretty awesome.  Shellac UV Color offers a chip-free, extended wear nail color that lasts up to 14 days!

Sanctuary Spa | Saratoga Springs

Don’t forget to check back all week to enter our other exciting Mother’s Day Giveaways including our Amanda Vitti Photography Giveaway!

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  1. I have never had a shellac or gel manicure. I have wanted to try the shellac for quite a while now…have heard AWESOME things :-).

  2. Yes, I have had a gel or shellac manicure once before and it’s amazing how long it lasted! My nails are in terrible shape at the moment and to be pampered like this would be wonderful.

  3. Samantha Colacino on

    Yes, I have had a gel manicure and it’s terrific! I always get them for special occasions. They last much longer than traditional manicure and they dry instantly so no smudges!

  4. I have never had either. With all the gardening I have been doing, my poor nails need some desperate help 🙂

  5. If there’s one thing that can help this busy new mom forget the precious sleep I lack, is a Sanctuary Spa treatment known as the shellac!

  6. Have never been to a spa my hole life… it would be amazing to get some mommy time and nails done!!!

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