Strictly Saratoga’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Price Chopper, Turf Club, SPAC & More


Saratoga Restaurant & Recreation News

In foodie news – those of you craving Beverly’s after the diner closed a few months back can get your fix. Beverly is now hightailing it to her son’s restaurant (or rather, he’s the executive chef) The Turf Club, to make their breakfasts.

Saratoga Farmers Market | Saratoga NY

This weekend will be the “grand reopening” so to speak, and The Turf Club will be serving breakfast from 8 – 2 and will reopen for dinners at 5.

Next week – that is, the first weekend of May – is the first weekend for the outdoor Saratoga Farmers’ Market.  can’t believe we’re at that time already! (It sure doesn’t feel like it’s almost summer, does it?).

SPAC Rock & Run and Cycling News

If you’re interested, it seems that the SPAC’s Rock & Run list of performers just keeps growing. The date of the run is May 20th, and will be broadcast live by EQX.

Saratoga CyclingIf you prefer to spin off your calories rather than run ’em, Saratoga Cycling Studio is opening on Hamilton Street. There’s no membership fee, it’s all drop in or online reservation, and a class is only $12.  They are holding an open house from 3-6pm on April 28th and classes start for real on Monday, April 30th.

Oh snap Price Chopper

Price Chopper Fuel AdvantEdge

Along with the anticipated moving and reopening of the Price Chopper in town on Sunday, it seems like Price Chopper is changing their gas rewards – from 10 cents per $50 spent, to 10 cents per $100 spent, so that they can apply more discounts upfront in-store.  The social media feedback has been nasty with people quite angry about this change.  Will be interesting to see how that works out for them…

And, oh. God. Just saw that the Saratoga Racing season will be extended this year, with the first ever “Steeplechase Festival” on Sept. 15. It’ll be nice to have more money into the town, but tourist season doesn’t need to extend any longer, in my opinion.

Enjoy the weekend!


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