Tips on Holiday Gift Wrap Organizing


Many of you may now be well on your way to finishing up your holiday shopping…but we all know it doesn’t end there.  The next big task we’re all going to suffer through is making all those gifts look amazing for their big debut!

Here are some quick tips on how to organize and store all your wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, bags and boxes to make this annual task much less daunting.

  1. Keep all your supplies in one designated place. Get creative with that place…use a drawer, trunk, bench or any hidden unused space that you could turn into your very own gift wrapping station.
  2. Save and recycle all the gift bags for the next year.  I find that they store best laying flat in a plastic storage bin. You may never have to buy another gift bag again; saving money and time!
  3. Keep an extra pair of scissors and tape with your gift wrapping supplies at all times to make sure you are not wasting time searching the house or raiding your kids craft area for those supplies every time you need to wrap a present.
  4. Keep a list of all the people you buy gifts for with your holiday supplies.  You might have to alter it each year, but at least you’ll have a starting point for your shopping list.  Not only does this practice save time, but you will never accidently forget to buy someone a gift again!

Some people like the convenience of ready-to-use gift wrap organization systems instead of using their own storage bins or boxes.  Here are a few options from The Container Store that will keep you wrapping your way to fabulous each and every year!

Gift Wrap Organization Options | Family
1. Gift Wrap Work Station – $49.00 each

2. Customized Gift Wrap Center – $31.65

3. Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer – $22.99   


 Happy Holidays!



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