Refresh and De-stress In Thirty Minutes or Less!


It is quite ironic that as women we seem to be natural born nurturers, doing whatever necessary to make sure the people we love are taken care of and all their needs are met, but when it comes to taking care of ourselves we are awful. How many times have you let a sinus infection get out of control or an injury build up for too long because you refused to take time for yourself to receive proper care?

Most mothers I know crawl out of bed at the break of dawn just to fit in a workout or finish up chores from the day before. These same women are the last ones standing at night and will not rest until every piece of clothing has been folded, lunches have been made, and crumb has been wiped off the counter.

It may be instinctive for us to make time for everyone else but if we can find some time to nurture ourselves we will be even better at taking care of our loved ones. Exhaustion and stress lead to injury and illness making it much more difficult to keep up with everything. Taking a few moments a few times a week to de-stress will help refresh you and make sure you are ready for anything that comes your way.

Here are some easy and effective ways to Refresh and De-Stress!Bubble Bath

  • Take a steamy bath. Add some essential oils and let take some deep breaths as the steam awakens your senses, relaxes your muscles and your mind, and helps your skin glow.  *see Giveaway below for our FAVE bath salts from Kneipp!!  
  • Look through a magazine – not online but the old fashioned way. Grab your favorite comfort drink, curl up in your favorite chair, and flip through actual pages of one of your favorite magazines.magazines-716801_1280
  • Turn on your favorite music and dance. Nothing could be simpler than dancing like no one is watching and it is amazing how it can lift your spirits and remind you not to take life so seriously.
  • Bring your sexy back. Do your hair, put on makeup and get dressed in something nice. Just spending time on yourself without rushing will feel great.
  • Call a friend who always makes you laugh and have an uninterrupted conversation (no texting allowed).
  • Look through photo albums and enjoy the memories.
  • Write in a journal – this really does wonder to clear the mind.wineglass-553467_1280
  • Get a pedicure – This does not cost very much and can take less than 30 minutes but somehow everyone always feels better after a pedicure!
  • Have a glass of wine or a cocktail and eat a meal sitting down – the entire time (no getting up to get someone something or clean up a spill).
  • Did you know many nail salons offer 15 minute massages that are very affordable? It may only be 15 minutes but it will leave you feeling relaxed and
  • Do a yoga video. Yoga is not only great for relieving stress it also tones and builds long, lean muscles. You can download some great videos right to your phone or tablet and workout anywhere! Body by Bethenny and Yoga Works – BodySlim are two easy to do workouts that will get you results quickly.
  • This takes more than 30 minutes but is worth it: Join a gym that has childcare. It will be worth every penny to have something you can do any day of the week. The kids will love the play area and you will get to workout without any interruptions!

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