Review of SmartPay by Cumberland Farms and Gift Card Giveaway


The number of times I forget to hand the cashier my coupons at checkout is embarrassing. I downloaded the Carwheels app from Target everyone was raving about but got frustrated trying to make the app work while filling my cart with random ‘necessary’ items at the store. I attempted that Ibotta rebate program and gave it a strong effort in the beginning, but that quickly fell off my radar too. To say I’m pretty lousy at couponing is an understatement. 

A friend of mine recently started raving about the SmartPay program at Cumberland Farms. Of course I’m thinking to myself, “great, another program that I will forget to use!”. Here’s the thing though, this one is actually super easy, and totally legit. You enroll in the program and then simply use your smartphone at the pump to save $.10 off per gallon plus get special offers and freebies!

Really, that’s it. 

Enroll in SmartPay

Enrolling in the program is easy. Visit the SmartPay website and follow the enrollment instructions which include entering your drivers license number, and linking either your checking account (which is what I did) or a NetSpend pre-paid debit card. Then you can download the app on your smartphone and it’s all seamless and connected.

Using SmartPay

When at the pump, you can either use your smartphone and app, or you can swipe your SmartPay card (which you can pick up at any Cumberland Farms location after you enroll).

Using the mobile app to pay for gas at the pump is easy (and remember, you save $.10 on every gallon) and you can earn rewards like product coupons and freebies. You can even use the app to pay for in-store purchases as well – so you don’t even need to bring in your wallet.

If every coupon and reward program was this easy to use, I’d be saving money left and right!

Cumberland Farms has been cool enough to give one of you lucky readers a $100 gift card! You don’t even need to be enrolled in the SmartPay program, but I’d definitely recommend trying it out. You have nothing to lose!

Enter to win a $100 Gift Card from Cumberland Farms!

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  1. On this matter of Cumberland Farms Smartpay, I think everyone miss one important fact. Cumberland Farms used to be 10 cent a gallon cheaper than Mobil gas, but when they started this Smartpay program Cumberland Farms went up on their price 10 cents a gallon which matched the Mobil gas price. So I pay 10 cents more a gallon so Cumberland Farms can give you 10 cents a gallon off on a card.

  2. So not use this app!!! If your payment does not clear your bank account, they will send it to CheckRedi who will charge you $50 for each bounced debit. They are a rip off and a scam!!! It’s not worth saving $.10 for a gallon of gas!!! I work way to hard for my money. This has been sent to the BBB and my states Attorney General and it will be resolved. They’ve charged me $150 in fees for 3 transactions totaling $58.

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