Schuylerville’s Hudson Crossing Park


Hudson Crossing Park is located just outside Schuylerville on NY Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4.  To Schuylerville locals, it’s called Lock 5 because it is on the Champlain Canal Lock 5.  Whatever you call it, this park is a nice change of pace from a traditional playground.  The area for kids is called the ‘Play Garden’.  Many of the ‘play’ items are built into nature and include stumps to jump, a rock maze/labyrinth to navigate, tunnels to crawl through, sand and dirt ‘drums’ for playing, a couple slides built into the landscape and a boat to explore.

The play garden area has a nice pavilion for lunch and a generously-sized porta potty.  The park itself also has some hiking trails and the Champlain Canal Lock is kind of an attraction in itself.

It’s amazing how much fun kids can have when they use their imagination and explore their surroundings!  Our kids had a blast just being there.  They all loved playing in the sand and dirt, and the boat was a hit.

It’s a bit of a drive to get there, about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga, but it is worth a visit.

I wouldn’t go on the hottest summer day because there isn’t a lot of shade, choose a cloudy or cool day, pack a lunch and enjoy!  It was quiet on the week day we visited.
Directions:  From Saratoga, take Route 29 into Schuylerville and turn left onto Route 4 and turn into Lock 5/Hudson Crossing on your right.

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  1. We took our daughter to this park the last week before school. It is truly beautiful, with safe hiking trails and an interesting playground. A great place for imaginative and safe play.

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