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It seems that most times the littlest pilgrims get the least amount of fun and attention on Thanksgiving Day, even though I know we are all the most thankful for them. It’s just that we get so busy with cooking and entertaining that it seems they are always underfoot and bored!

Being “banished” to the children’s table was never fun growing up.  I always seemed to get stuck there no matter how old I got.  Why not give them an adorable and absolutely fun Thanksgiving kids table to sit, craft, eat, and bake at?  (Giveaway Details Below!)

This year I wanted to share some simple and fun ideas on how to keep kids of all ages excited and entertained on one of my favorite holidays.

A Thanksgiving Kids Table

It seems that the children always want to “help” one way or another so why not put them to work making some place card holders for the adult table? Remember leaf rubbings from when you were a child?  Let them create some beautiful place cards out of leaves you find out in the backyard.  Gather ahead of time or, if it’s nice out, send them outside on a hunt.

If you have any older children with you that day have them help the younger ones cut them out, write the names of each guest, and place them on the table.  To make the tin cup turkey, check out our previous post, 10 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

A Thanksgiving Kids Table - Making Place Card Holders

Make a quick stop at the craft store and stock up on all the kid favorites in Thanksgiving themes.  Don’t forget stickers, glue, paper, markers, crayons, and ready to assemble crafts.  This should keep them busy for hours.  I picked up some of the masks in the picture below for kids to color.  They will have a blast playing with them when they are done.

Don’t forget to add some snacks to the Thanksgiving kids table to keep grumbling little bellies at bay until the food is ready.  Want to make our snack cone turkey? The tutorial can be found in our 10 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids post.

Thanksgiving Kids Table - Making Thanksgiving Crafts

When dinner gets closer have them help set their own table, complete with Make Your Own Placemats, and thanksgiving themed plates and cups.  Give them each their own place card to assist who is going to sit where so there is no fussing.

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Keep them involved after dinner making mini apple pies that they can take home.  Cutting the apples and adding the spices in advance will make this a snap.  Just roll out and cut the dough in small circles and let them fill and cover the pies.  Pop them in the oven for 20 min and they have the sweetest little pies to take home after a full and fun day!

Thanksgiving Kids Table - Mini Apple Pies

I hope we have inspired you to make Thanksgiving fun this year, not just for the little ones but for everyone.

Enter our Thanksgiving Kids Table Giveaway!

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** not included **    crayons, markers, glue stick, scissors, silverware

Happy Thanksgiving from Styled By Melissa and SaratogaMama!  


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  1. The older kids at the table somehow always found a way to delegate the saying of Grace to one of the youngest kids (which happened to be in front of about 60 people!)

  2. I have fond memories of the kids table! One, was that my mother always had a Thanksgiving craft for all us cousins to do. Two, of giggling over Nana’s (melting) green jello tainting my turkey!

    • I just love giving the kids some crafts. My daughter can sit at the table sometime for hours with some stickers glue paper and scissors! Oh and I totally have a visual of that green jello now.

  3. Sitting at the kids table as a child was always much more entertaining than sitting with the adults. Lots of laughter and fun and great memories made!

  4. wwwaaaahhhh I NEVER had to sit at the kids table because I was usually the only kid there!! LOL the downfalls of being an only child!! 🙁 But this sure does look like a fun kids table! I would totally sit there now!!!

  5. The kids table was always the coolest table to be at.
    My favorite part was the decorations and drinking Apple Cider from fancy glasses!

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