The Mama Guide to Saratoga Polo


SaratogaMama contributor Christine Rudnick shares about her experience at Saratoga Polo!

polo-logoThe Saratoga Polo Association is welcoming a new audience to the game of Polo.  I couldn’t resist wanting in on the action.  Our family made it a priority to get to a match this summer.  The match did not disappoint and the experience was priceless.

My husband, 3 ½ year old son, 2 year old daughter, my in-laws and I arrived at the Saratoga Polo fields, behind the Saratoga Hospital, at 5pm on Sunday.  At the gravel drive we purchased our general admission ticket to tailgate, braving the threat of storm, were assured that we’d be compensated if the game was called before the 4th chukker (don’t chuckle, it’s a period in polo).  They also threw in a frisbee as they moved the game time up to assure getting the game in.

The parking attendant, security, photographer, and dip contest judges were all friendly, inviting, and a resource of knowledge.  They all wanted to know if we were enjoying ourselves and made sure to invite us to trophy ceremony after the 6th Chukker.

We settled in on our tailgate, blanket, and chairs and opened our moveable feast just as the 8 players and ponies took the field.  First off, a ball knocked (flew!) over the sideboards and rolled to my feet (It’s yours to keep)!  For the next 2 hours we shared as close spectators to this fast sport, the casual atmosphere of getting to know “the neighbors”, and walks to the trailers to see the ponies.

After the 3rd Chukker everyone in attendance is invited onto the field to replace the divots. Not only is this a big hit with the children but it allowed all of us to get up and interact with the game!  At the close of the evening we stood front row to the trophy ceremony, mingled with the players, and had the SPA match ball signed.

The polo match is must do outing for our active families.  Everyone left the field smiling and we were home in time to the put the children to sleep.  We vow to learn more about the sport but promise to clear our schedule for another match before the end of the season.  See you on the field!

Saratoga Polo Details:

Matches are every Friday and Sunday evening through Labor Day beginning at 5:30 pm.
Gates open at 4 pm.
Admission to the Clubhouse: $30 a person, Children under 12 are $15
Admission to tailgate (unreserved): $30 per vehicle


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