At Glens Falls Hospital, The Snuggery Sets the Standard for Maternity Care


When Clifton Park residents Chelsea and Eric DeSalvatore decided to start a family, they knew exactly where they wanted to deliver their children.  They had heard plenty of great stories about The Joyce Stock Snuggery birthing center at Glens Falls Hospital. Now, after welcoming both of their sons at The Snuggery, they’re telling a great story of their own.

Eric and Chelsea DeSalvatore of Clifton Park have chosen The Joyce Stock Snuggery to welcome both of their sons. They’re shown here bonding with newborn Jace.

“You don’t feel like you’re in a hospital at The Snuggery,” Chelsea says. “It’s a very personal experience. I have friends who delivered at other hospitals and they just didn’t have the same experience I had.”

This fall, that special “Snuggery Experience” will be even better.

Glens Falls Hospital is completing a $5-million renovation of its widely acclaimed birthing center that has been the setting for more than 40,000 births since its opening in 1985. The renovation features:

  • a complete remodeling of all patient rooms
  • a new special care nursery, which serves premature and post-mature infants, as well as others requiring special care;
  • the creation of a new family and friends waiting room.

The Joyce Stock Snuggery birth center at Glens Falls Hospital is undergoing a $5 million renovation, including complete remodeling of all patient rooms.

The Snuggery was a pioneer in single-room labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum care, and continues that tradition of care today. At The Snuggery, each woman remains in the same private guest room for all phases of the birthing process. Single-room care is found to be more relaxing and less stressful for the mom than having to be moved from one room to another, as some hospitals continue to do. In those instances when a cesarean section is necessary, the woman is temporarily taken to an operating room on the same floor and returned to a private room as soon as she has recovered from anesthesia.

“We believe we set the gold standard for maternity care in the Greater Capital Region, and that’s why 1,200 families a year choose to deliver here,” says Diane Kerchner, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services at Glens Falls Hospital. 

Snuggery nurses practice mother-baby nursing. This means that the same RN cares for both mom and baby. They are coaches, educators and advocates every step of the way.

Education and support for new parents — and siblings — before and after the birth have long been key parts of The Snuggery experience, as well. Families are offered a wide array of classes to prepare them for childbirth and to help them care for their baby after delivery. A certified lactation consultant, as well as lactation counselors, are also available for those moms who choose to breastfeed their baby. 

“We work with expectant parents and their obstetricians months in advance to develop a birth plan that meets their individual needs and desires for their birth experience. We not only support them throughout the birthing process, we are there for them after they’ve returned home as a new family,” says Terry Celadon, RN, Nurse Manager at The Snuggery. “We share a very special time with our families and we don’t ever take that for granted.”

Two area obstetrical practices deliver babies at The Snuggery: Women’s Care in Obstetrics & Gynecology with offices in Saratoga and Glens Falls; and North Country Obstetrics & Gynecology of Queensbury. Both practices offer care by midwives and physicians. Women wishing to give birth at The Snuggery are encouraged to become patients.

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  1. Will VBAC births be an option at the Snuggery now? That would go a long way toward truly supporting birthing women in the North Country. Previously, anyone wanting to pursue a vaginal birth after cesarean would have to drive to Schenectady or Troy to get to a hospital that will “allow” TOLAC (Trial of Labor After Cesarean). I really hope policies have changed and VBAC is now an option in Glens Falls.

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